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Young Love - Socities Perception on Online Dating and Marriage of a Younger Couple

Updated on January 30, 2016

The Older Generation - 1950's

"Kids today, when will they learn"? This comment is constantly burned into our subconscious from day time television, its even popping up in cartoons and animated movies. Society has a pessimistic view when it comes to the topic of young love. Many parents mine included, say it's a fantasy and that true love is just a bunch of hogwash. Why is it that children who are infatuated (when they are teenagers) have to nullify themselves to be subservient to their masters...errm parents? I'm not bashing on parents nor their authoritative figure, if we have no discipline who knows what our world would become. Its become clear to me that I'm nothing like my peers in terms of viewing the world, you see I think of it more philosophically and with a mixture of biblical origin, that I'm now becoming aware of has evidence in our daily lives. Look at the view on dating in the 1950's. Women were expected to always look their best because who knows when the hubbies' boss may stop by for dinner. Who and there right mind does that? What is the point of getting dolled up when you're doing house hold chores?

My grandparents to this day STILL hang on to the way of the 1950's. My granddad I very controlling over my grandma, and makes her cook and clean all the time while he sits and reads the newspaper. They both have just gotten Facebook, where my Granddad controls the computer and the finances. I'm bringing this up because both of my parents were raised with this mindset. When I was a child they tried to force me to believe that, "Men should work, and women should stay in the house" of course as I've gotten older and questioned this practice they changed the tune to, "Well you know, its the context" Uh huh sure.

Online Dating

Today we are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, oblivious to the world around us. These very people don't have time to sit down at a bar, or dance at a club in a vain attempt to find their one true love. They instead turn to the big light box on their desk, and go on chat forums where they talk to others. This is where I met Rebecca.

I read a very interesting article from Boundless titled Biblical Dating: How It's Different from Modern Dating Modern yesterday concluding modern dating to be, "…a method of introduction and carrying out of a pre-marital relationship between a single man and a single woman…” The article further confirms with this point by the following list:

  1. Begins with either the man or the woman initiating with the other
  2. Is conducted outside the formal oversight or authority of either person's family or church; and may or may not have marriage as its goal and is often purely "recreational" or "educational."

This wasn't earth shattering news to me, considering this is what the younger generation is turning this idea into the “in” trend.

Coming back to the online part, many people are online even in rural communities'. But wait there's pedophiles and weirdo's and oh my dreaded catfish! Well of course there are those types of people, you get them in the real world as well. Now dating is as we know a complicated process, as the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. As I briefly went over in a previous hub we met on a group forum, where I thanked her via email for accepting my friend request on the Onision Community (OC).

We actually talked about this last night about how we met, and you know what, I'd do it again every time. Back when technology was in its infancy, guys were being shoehorned into the world of dating thanks to the abundance of sex in media, and their gun-ho friends setting up dates for them. We all can look back at this, or I at least hope so, and say wow that wasn't really a good approach.


Parents Viewpoint

My parents have always been the police when it comes to talking to girls saying, "Don't forget to smile, brush your teeth, if you makeout don't be rough, be gentle, be kind, be a gentlmen ect" They also feel that dating online is "harmful" and leads to "problems" well considering I'm I'm a relationship now with my girlfriend who treats me the way I want to be treated, I think your argument is horse shit. I've dated girls in person, from my class, friends of friends, and any other social situation and not only did they utterly fail but they left me feeling like I wasn't ever good enough. Who in there right mind would force anyone to continue something, if it just leads to more pain and misery. All my life I've been a writer, and have spent a fair amount of time on forums discussing from politics and social economical turmoil to the next conspiracy theory.

To me if you find the person who makes YOU feel special and YOU make them feel special, it doesn't matter if you met them at the club, bar, or online. Love really comes once in a lifetime, when you love someone you will do everything for your significant other. When my girlfriend and I have our own children, I want to be their for them and let them go on their own paths without steering them as my parents have. Seeing your children do what they want to do in life is the happiest and joyous moment a parent could have, and I know Rebecca and I will have a glorious and Godly life together with our children.


Married Young: Our Perspective

Yes, we want to get married. We know its a big step in our relationship, but we both are ready for the challenge. Our theme is a mixture of Irish and Celtic, and living in the Pacific Northwest gives us a load of opportunities to have an Irish wedding. Getting married young in fact it’s been happening for millennia. Take the perspective of my girlfriend.

“If you look back in history, people were married young and the marriages were a lot healthier and lasted a lot longer. I don’t think getting married at 15, 16, 17+, as long as you can be financially stable and ae mature enough for it, I think you should go for it.”

More marriages are now becoming made at a younger age, and people are happy and in love. Personally no matter the age if you want to get married to your love, and you will support each other through every decision then what’s stopping you? Marriage is a wonderful time, despite the countless articles that argue that marriage young is a bad decision, however who is this decision between you and the person you love or you and the millions of anonymous other people who try to dissuade your belief. I’m getting married before I’m 21 and honestly I couldn’t be happier and more alive. We’ve planned for months and months and were ready for what life has to throw at us.

Soon we’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Richmond. I’m already smiling at the thought of seeing her walking down the aisle.

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