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Young Men and Older Women.

Updated on December 5, 2010


This is a word that seems to be used more and more. At the time of "The Graduates" release, Mrs Robinson was probably unique. There may have been a few teenage boys who had lustful thoughts about their friends mothers, but none would have every mentioned it. Had the mothers involved known they would have been horrified.

Hollywood always showed relationships to be the complete opposite of this. It was always the much older man with a young girl. A glamorous young starlet would play the female role, and no one would comment that the actor playing the love interest was old enough to be her father. Sometimes this would echo real life, but usually well before films were made.

It would be the custom for a young women to be married off to a much older man. Sometimes this would be a happy union, but most times the women would go into it knowing that they did not really have a choice. If they did not go ahead,they may not get another decent offer. They would be letting their families miss the chance of a better life while risking ending up a spinster.

What a lovely word spinster is!! A man who does not marry is a bachelor which conjures up a care free young man before he has settled down, yet spinster - its on the same line as maiden aunt. You have had your day girl, sit in the rocking chair and wait to die.

I was not too sure how widespread the longing for a MILF was, so googled it. 18.800.000 sites came up ranging from porn sites, dating sites and even Urban Dictionary. There was even a section on Celebrity Milfs

It does seem to be a completely a physical thing. All the women named were very glamorous but no mention was made of interests or hopes for the future. It would have been a downer for them to talk of their wishes as how many would say "some young man who will want to go out get drunk and spend all his time with his mates?"

Speaking to a male friend about this, he said that at 47 he was much more likely to look for someone his own age rather than some 22 year old bimbo if he was looking for a relationship. His main concern would be "what would we talk about and where would we go on nights out?" I am sure young men would find the same problem. He did however also have reservations about a fling with a much younger woman as he admitted he would not have the stamina of the young men they would be used to.

The next stage is clearly going to be GILFS. There are many glamorous grannies - Goldie Hawn to name just one. There is a full list below if you want to see it.

The most unnerving thing was that in both cases there were links to porn site. Sorry but you will have to find your own links if that's what you want.


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    • Rob Hanlon profile image

      Rob Hanlon 

      7 years ago from Epicentre of everywhere

      They say never to ask a Lady's age :-)

    • Karonher profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Liverpool

      Not sure - but whoever it was was right :)

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Was it the Bellamy Brothers who sang the song about older women making for beautiful lovers?


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