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"Your Best Friend"

Updated on May 1, 2019
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Poetry fills a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.

Watercolors- Happy friends!
Watercolors- Happy friends! | Source

Who is your “Best Friend”?

We all search in life for a best friend. But is this someone you could buy their loyalty or demand their friendship? Is it like a puppy who comes to rely on you? Or a fish that you feed? Can you talk to him, even when he cannot talk back? Is it a car, a plane, or something inanimate, that has no feelings like you do? But you worship it, and it takes the place of a human? Is it something more innate of quality, like freedom? Rock-climbing, or another activity that you do? Who or what is your "best friend?"

One would like to choose whoever it may be, and certainly there’s a choice for friendship given by another that you choose to keep or deny. What would your reason be, based on pro or con? Do you add the negatives and the positives and take a vote of yourself asking "is this my friend?" Where does the friendship exist; In you, or in both of you twain? Can you gauge its depth by deeds or numbers or is it immeasurable? Is the quality you find from another such that you call them your “best friend”?

Who would return when laughter is gone? When interest and intrigue lessen, or when curiosity and inquisitiveness have discolored and faded? What about when difficulties come or circumstances change or life patterns rearrange? Who doesn’t walk off in times of sickness or stress or challenge of pain? Give me an example of what one would do if they found surreal fame? Would that friend once dedicated and true and faithful remain? Can you even believe in having your best friend in your dreams?

Walking amidst human jungles with worlds of people, one can surely find out there someone to share that elusive position of “my best friend”; but not without sharing, not without caring, not without walking in the same road and stepping in the same steps as dust and wind and heat blow upon you: Not without life first being easy and then hard, simple and then complex, does a true friendship grow. Empty and then full it comes; carefree and then burdensome; bright and then dark and every contrast that is known!

Even if one doesn’t face it and the other does, then “my best friend" understands. If they both share it, they have mutual joy and mutual pain. But the greatness of a friend is that it doesn’t matter; not at all, for though one faced the tiger, both made it through the ordeal as friends. To face whatever happens with twice the strength. Nothing is impossible when you looked it in the eye because of the strength you found; just when you needed it, you had “Your Best Friend!"


Feb 5th 2002


Best friends can change from time to time, though we wish it didn't; Your friend of today, is who is there. Simple put, tomorrow they may not be. But in the life that we live, we must appreciate, and accept those who come to us, open and caring. We must give back at least as much as we receive, though sometimes we can't. Love and life and lasting and leaving are words that get all mixed up from time to time. Be what you are, do little acts of kindness along the pathway of life and hope for the best. - moj

© 2012 Oscar Jones


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