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Your Just There!

Updated on April 27, 2011


I met you a minute ago and alot about me you already know

I can call you whenever I want, you put on no show, and don"t even front.

At one time I would of called you my man, but down my friends pants you ran.

It scarred me at the time I'm sure, but kept it moving I did for sure.

At times I wished you well, and others I was thinkin what the hell.

It's alright, it's ok, maybe it will work out one of these days.

My heart was bruise, but still I ran, you started your life , and mine began.

I thought of you highly, you scored very well.

Then down the drain you went to hell.

Why even bother why even care.

You left me wide open you left me bare

I let down my wall you let me care


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