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Your Kid or Your Child? Which is Which?

Updated on October 6, 2011

Domestic goat kid, in field of capeweed. Swifts Creek, Victoria


Kid or Child?

How do you call your babies or a fellow human being below the age of 18 years?

Please don't tell me adolescent! That is not what I am referring to over here. Do you call them kid or child? This might seem to be nothing new however it has shaped the way of our generation even if in a silence manner.

You might say whether kid or child, nothing changes. Well, I don't think so. Kids was and is still a name of young goats. It has always been so until it got hijacked by our society when the societal views of human infants started to changed and the termination of life at birth was becoming an ordinary act. Yesteryear kids was properly understood to mean a young goat. Just like gay formerly meant to be in bliss or happy. We know being gay isn't gay anymore. This applied also to cats when they once were our lovely pussies until it became a taboo or almost one.

Child has from the beginning of the English language meant one thing and one thing alone: young humans! It was the cool name children were called until when the clocked changed for the worst. Let's get back to valuing our lives, ourselves, our babies, our children. Thank you.


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