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Your invited to a Wedding

Updated on January 17, 2018

Wedding Photo

 Wedding Flowers For The Bridesmaids
Wedding Flowers For The Bridesmaids

Weddings from all walks of life

Weddings are a time of joy and happiness where lives are tied together with vows and people to witness them. Also, there are always huge parties that accompany the wedding ceremony. There are limitless amounts of money spent for just one day or at least it feels like it. How many weddings have you been to in the last year or two? Do you remember the weddings that you have attended and were they fun? When are you invited to a wedding what is your first thought? If you are a parent and it is a wedding for your entire family how do you go about attending it? Do you give them a gift such as something for the there house or do you give money? Are all the weddings you attend generally the same or do they change depending on who is getting married? For example, A Canadian wedding is different than an American wedding and both those weddings are different than a European wedding. Do you think of the limitless number of things that need to be done, beforehand? I would if you want to look your best anyway, but is it different for each type of wedding?

Do People notice the difference? I have been to all three types of weddings not in the last year but in the last few years, I have. For example at the two Canadian weddings that I have attended, I noticed that the food is different and there isn’t as much as there would be at a European Wedding but how can you compare right? Nothing compares to a European wedding but it doesn’t hurt to try. At the Canadian wedding I went to, recently the food choices were different along with outfit choices. I know that people think hey it’s a wedding you would really dress up, well that might be true for specific weddings. For example, when I attended the Canadian wedding I wore the same dress that I wore to my last Italian wedding and it was over the top dressy compared to what everyone else was wearing. At a Canadian wedding the outfits, are not so glittery and glitzy but they are at a European wedding. Why you might ask, it is the nationality and type of people.

At the wedding I just went to over the weekend, the meal was a buffet, which for a Canadian wedding and European wedding that would be unheard of. The dressiness of an American wedding and Canadian wedding are sort of the same, but American’s dress up a bit more than Canadians. Although the dressiness for a Canadian wedding, American Wedding, and European wedding does not compare in the slightest. At Canadian weddings, however, there is less food then at the American weddings, and Italian weddings combined but that really depends on the wedding you are attending. Also at the wedding, I went to over the weekend I was told it was a barbecue, now if you hear the word barbecue what is your first thought? Not so dressy sundresses right? Well since the wedding I went to was stateside, and I went shopping after the shower and bought a dress, that was high low, black on top and all different colors on the bottom I knew I was going to wear that. But my question is when you hear the word barbecue what is your first thought? The wedding is more casual right, and outside. When you think of the word barbecue you think of outside, well I was thinking that so I had to ask a couple questions so I would know how to dress.

The wedding was dressier than what it would have been if it was an outdoor barbecue. So I am glad that what I was going to wear if it was an outdoor barbecue worked for both. But what would have happened if I wore a summer dress and wouldn’t have asked the questions that I did, I would feel as though I was underdressed? Which I have never felt before at a wedding, and I wouldn’t want to start now. If you feel overdressed which I have at a wedding or a wedding shower, you feel awkward, and that is not something you want to feel like at a wedding correct?

How many weddings have you been to in the last year

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Weddings What Limitless Fun

Depending on the nationality of the wedding depends on what dress or clothing you wear. Also, the location of the wedding or reception depends on what you wear, so if you feel as though you don’t know what to wear to an event, ask someone else who will be attending the same event with you. Or you can ask the bride or groom depending on which one you are closest too. I asked the bride, even though I didn’t need to but if you ask the right questions you won’t feel so out of place on that day. All weddings are different so what you wear is all going to be different in some sense, so if you don’t know what to wear ask a friend, family member or even someone in the store if you are really stuck on what to wear to a wedding or what you think is appropriate rather than what actually is.

If it is a theme wedding you are attending try wearing something relating to the theme. If you do that, then what you wear will work for it rather than having to stress over an outfit, remember you are not there to outshine the bride, you are there as a guest. However, there are limitless things that all weddings are common and there are always limitless differences to each wedding that you attend.

Weddings from all walks of life bring limitless things to mind to the people that are attending them if they are not yet married. Being at other people's weddings bring limitless things to mind to help them plan their weddings at least that is what they do for me. When you get invited to a wedding do you get excited about it? Or do you not like weddings at all and try to avoid them at all costs?

When I am invited to a wedding I am always excited about it. I get to dress up all fancy and who wouldn't like to do that? Weddings are always fun, with all the music and seeing people you haven't seen in a long time that end up being invited along with you, which is what makes it limitless fun, wouldn't you agree?

A Picture of Me and My cousin at her wedding in September
A Picture of Me and My cousin at her wedding in September

Wedding Invitations Oh My!

Weddings take a limitless amount of time to plan. You need the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the food has to be perfect because most of the time you only get one wedding and you have to have the people that you want there. Which means there are limitless things the bride has to think of when planning her wedding. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding you have limitless things to plan for, like your dress, shoes, hair, nails, and make-up. Are you getting your hair done that type of thing, you want to look good for the wedding you are invited to so you have to do a limitless number of things beforehand too. However not as much as the bride but you still have to look like you belong there, which takes a limitless amount of work in my opinion. So if you are invited to a wedding there is a limitless number of things you have to think of along with everyone else involved so don't forget to think of these things the next time you get invited to a wedding.

What are weddings like in your family let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 3 years ago from Ontario

      I agree most of the weddings I attend have food all night long

    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 3 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I attended a lot of weddings in my youth and I learned a lot from them. I married late at 31 and avoided the mistakes of my friends' weddings. First of all, I did not spend a fortune on flowers. People barely glance at them at weddings and receptions. Flowers are no big deal. Don't spend a fortune on your wedding dress either. Your friends are going to think you are gorgeous no matter what you wear so don't avoid the more inexpensive bridal shops. I bought a beautiful dress for only $700. I would also suggest keeping the church service to only 15 minutes but most family members do want a full service.

      Also, MOST IMPORTANT!! DO NOT KEEP PEOPLE WAITING FOR THE FOOD EITHER THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY OR A RECEIVING LINE. People attend weddings for two main reasons: the food and the booze so spend your money on those two things. People will be starving after a wedding so encourage them to immediately gnosh at the reception after the ceremony. Also, forget the receiving line. That is passe and we are not royalty. This is not necessary and it takes hours to get through one. One other hint: hire a good photographer. Pics are forever so hire one with talent.

      Therefore the three things you should spend big bucks on for your wedding is 1) the food; people are there to eat as soon as possible 2) full open booze bar. Only serving wine and beer is cheap. An open bar alone guarantees a successful reception and 3) spend some bucks on a good photographer as memories are forever.