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What Would Silent Bob Say? Your Psychic Says To Dump That Guy.

Updated on September 19, 2008

Whose dating advice matters?


My psychic says I should dump my boyfriend for cheating on me. What do you think? Should I take the advice of my psychic?



You don't have to be psychic to see that a cheating boyfriend needs to be dumped. But you bring up a good point. Whose advice is good advice when it comes to your relationship?

The term psychic gets a bad rap. We all have a sense about things. We've all experienced feeling unsettled for no apparent reason, or being drawn to someone we've just met without knowing why. Yet even though everyone has had at least some kind of sensory experience, people love to dismiss the idea of a psychic as being too odd.

Then there are those people that don't make a move without the help of a psychic friend. That's as bad as not being opened minded at all.

Ramona, you have to find your own instincts, and learn to trust them. Whether the advice is from your psychic, your best friend, your therapist, your boss, or your mother - it is all the same thing. It's advice. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not. What you need to do, is consider the words, not the source.

In the brilliant Kevin Smith movie Clerks, when Dante Hicks is struggling over whether he wants to be with his ex whom he pines for, or his current girlfriend that's really good to him, he gets a small piece of unsolicited advice from Silent Bob. It makes all the difference. It was the best specific dating advice ever. Right up until Chasing Amy. But I digress. Silent Bob said that there a milion pretty girls in the world. But they don't bring you lasagna at work. Mostly they just cheat on you.

Sometimes the most qualified person in the world to give you advice misses the target by a mile. And sometimes the most unlikely source can throw a few pearls of wisdom at you.

Dante knew the answer; he was just having a hard time getting there on his own. A relationship of substance beats the shit out of arm candy any time. And just like Dante, you probably know what you should be doing about that cheating boyfriend.

The fact that this advice came to you from a psychic is no different than if it had come from your landlord or your garbage man. Of course, had it come from Silent Bob, it is then assumed golden and you're an ass not to follow it ;)

Seriously, I don't think there should be any greater weight placed on advice from your friends, than advice from your mother, or me, or anyone else.

Ramona, be open to some of the ideas people around you want to share. Sometimes they'll give you just the cue you need to see clearly how you really feel. But don't bank on anyone's testimony as law. You have to find your own way on this one. You have to figure out for yourself the kind of relationship you deserve and desire. If this isn't it, than boot that boy.

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  • profile image

    Helen 10 years ago

    The best advice for dating comes from you Veronica. Thank you for answering my email.