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Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility: Virgo

Updated on October 10, 2010


All people born between August 23rd and September 23rd belong to sun sign Virgo. Virgoans are loving, practical, helpful, modest, active, and fussy. They are cautious and judicious in decision making regarding compatibility of love. They are generally devoted, loyal, and reliable in case of relationships.

Virgo compatible love with: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Virgo incompatible with: Gemini, Sagittarius.

Love Compatibility with other signs.

Virgo with Aries: The natural behavior of Aries and Virgo is different. While one prefers taking decision cautiously, the counterpart is exited and stimulated. Aries are passionate while Virgo’s are restrained which poses a problem.

Virgo with Taurus: Both of them are devoted to safety and faithfulness in love which makes the compatibility of love great. Taurus being practical, dependable and sensual helps make situations better. 

Virgo with Gemini: Their relation and compatibility cannot be assessed easily as Virgo’s can be critical and Gemini ignorant. A relationship between the two can become too conventional and boring for each other.

Virgo with Cancer: Relationships here can be quite exciting. Virgo, being practical and tolerant, and Cancer, being emotional, helps this relation. The problem here might arise, as both are extremely caring or possessive, thus uncontrollable at times.

Virgo with Leo: Compatibility of love a Virgo and a Leo is formidable but it requires adjustments to keep them going. Virgo’s prim approach and Leo’s affection is the key here.

Virgo with Libra: Virgo love compatibility with Libra is doubtful. Libra likes tension-free environment, whereas Virgo goes the practical way, which creates blockades.

Virgo with Scorpio: The compatibility here is really good. Scorpio’s understandable capacity and Virgo’s commitment can be extremely good.

Virgo with Sagittarius: Virgo love compatibility with Sagittarius is not so good. The sensibility of Virgo and gambling nature of a Sagittarius can be conflicting.

Virgo with Aquarius: They have radical ends as Aquarians are rebellious and Virgo’s conventional reducing compatible love between them.

Virgo with Pisces: Pisces are compassionate and sentimental while Virgo’s rational. Though they do not have a lot in common, they can end up being great in a relation.

Virgo with Virgo: Love compatibility here is great as both value the same principles. Their relation can be flexible and amazing.


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