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A Brief Love Affair With A Thai Girl I Met At The Shark Club, Phuket, Thailand

Updated on September 25, 2011


This is the story of how I met a beautiful young Thai bar girl in Patong Beach, on the Island of Phuket in Southern Thailand. I met the lovely Tukta one night out at The Shark Club, Phuket's most popular nightclub. The Shark Club was always full of gorgeous young Thai girls, and it was a shame when they closed the place down . I was really exited when I heard that the owner is opening a new club in Brazil, I have already booked my tickets for the World Cup in 2014.

The new club is in Sao Paulo, and there are going to be quite a few matches there. I am really looking forward to Brazil, and when I heard that The Shark Club would open there, it was just another reason to get down there for the World Cup.

The Shark Club Nightclub
The Shark Club Nightclub

How I Met My Thai Girlfriend

I walked into The Shark Club just after 10 o'clock, it was early, but as it was on most nights, the club was already starting to fill up. I ordered a beer from the bar, and then I scanned around for a place to sit. While I was looking around the club I spotted something that caught my eye. I noticed a young lady sitting away from the action, in the back of the room. She was a sexy little thing, with a dark tan, luscious lips, a perfect body and a gorgeous face, but this is not what had captured my interest. After all, there was never a shortage of attractive young Thai women in The Shark Club on any given night.

What I noticed about this girl that set her apart her from all the girls dancing and shaking their moneymakers on the dance floor, was that she was sitting at at table with two foreign kids ages about 10-12. I decided to move in for a chat, and investigate. I asked her why she wasn't out on the dance floor, and why she had brought her kids out the club. She introduced herself as "Tukta" and she told me that she was looking after the children for their father who was a friend of hers. I was impressed that she would be spending her evening taking care of a couple kids, as apposed to shaking her ass on the dance floor like all the bar girls and hustlers that filled the club that night.

When I asked if I could get her a drink, her eyes lit up with excitement. She wasted no time in accepting my invitation, and we began exchanging small talk. During my first year of living in Thailand, spending time in bars, I noticed that Thai bar girls often feed customers a healthy serving of bullshit, a standard series of lies about who they are, where they come from, and what they are all about. The most common stories are that they are from Bangkok, they are just visiting a friend, and they go to university, when in reality, they are from the rice fields of Northeastern Thailand, and they have been working in a bar in Phuket for years.

In order to entertain myself, I crafted personal bullshit story about where I was from and what I was all about. This would usually involve the use of my favorite alias "Bob", an extravagant story about my personal wealth and my lovely private villa complete with hot tub and infinity pool. Tukta wasn't naïve, she had been around the block a few times and she could see right through the bullshit I was feeding her just as easily as I could see through the lies she was telling me. Regardless, the two of us were actually quite entertained by each others bullshit tales.

After we enjoyed a few hours of stimulating conversation over quite a few beers, I began to wonder where this was heading. I started to inquire about the children she was apparently responsible for. I was thinking that it was quite obvious that she was interested in me, and I was definitely interested in her, so I wanted to know when we could take the kids home to their parents. Whenever I had tried to hint about this, she avoided the conversation.

Just after 1AM, a middle aged dude walked off the dance floor and staggered over to our table, it was evident that he was likely the father of the two kids. He wasn't happy to see me, he gave me a nasty glare, and he rather abruptly said "who the hell are you"? Before I had a chance to say anthing, he piped off again "what are you doing talking to my girlfriend"? As you might imagine, I was a little caught off guard. I looked at Tukta, trying to figure out what to do next? She tried to assure me that this guy was just a customer, and she wasn't interested in spending anymore time with him.

It was then that I realized that She must have arrived with him, as his girlfriend, but after he spent the entire night entertaining other women while she watched his kids, she decided she had had enough. I was unfortunately in an awkward position, but I was far too drunk to give a shit. She was amazing, I was very attracted to her, and I had really enjoyed her company, and he seemed like an arrogant asshole anyway.

After a comical exchange of unpleasantries between the two of them, She and I hailed a taxi, and headed over the hill to my "private villa"(in reality it was a small modest house). When we arrived at the house, Tukta was loaded, too drunk to walk, so I had to carry her on my shoulders "caveman style". When we walked in the front door, she said in a serious voice "where is the swimming pool"? I supposed she had remembered my bullshit story, and hoped that at least some of it might be true.

The next morning, she woke up early and cooked me breakfast, as she would do for the next few months. She was an amazing woman, she would wake up early every morning, cook and clean and do laundry, taking care of not only me but any guests that would be staying with me. We got along great, and we had a lot of fun, the only problem was that every night when the sun went down, Tukta would start to drink. When she was drunk, the nasty bar girl attitude would shine through, and she was no longer the sweet innocent little girl that I was so fond of.

The old saying had proven itself to be true once again "you can take a girl out of the bar, but you can NEVER take the bar out of the girl". This would prove to be too much for me to handle, and after a few months I simply packed up and left, knowing that would be the only way. I think she understood, we did remain friends for years afterwards, until she moved to Europe with her new French fiancé and their newborn child. I still miss her, and I would lover to see her again someday ..

The Shark Club - Patong Beach

The Shark Club Nightclub
The Shark Club Nightclub

The new Shark Club is set to open in Sao Paulo, Brazil near the end of 2011. The new club will be opening under the same name, with the same ownership and expectations are that they will capture the same magic that made the original Shark Club such an international success.

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