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A Thoughtful Wedding Gift

Updated on September 18, 2014

The perfect wedding gift for our lifetime friends - Thoughtful and Personalized

Recently my husband and I were invited to the wedding of some great friends in Turkey. Because of our heavy work routine we were unable to attend their wedding and since we have so much love for this incredible couple I decided to dust off my brushes and create for them a oil painting that will certainly touch their hearts. Given the fact that we were not present on their special day, I figured that sending them a gift like any other that you can purchase on a store would not be as valuable as thoughtful and personalized oil painting created me. I know that this special gift will be cherished a lifetime and would always remind them of us, and the great times we spent together. The inspiration for the painting was drawn from our life experiences and here I will tell you a little bit more about how the idea sparked!

Picture taken by Yetkin Yazici (The Groom)

The Inspiration Picture for the Painting.

The inspiration for the painting was drawn from many sources. First, this friend named Yetkin is someone that grew up with my husband in the country of Turkey and during their teenager vacations they spent a lot of their time in a small fisherman village called Behramkale located in the Aegean coast of Turkey, were the sea is incredibly transparent and were nature is almost untouched.

They both love that small little city where they enjoy many activities around the sea, like boating, fishing and diving. It is a passion that grew up with them and for many years before I had a chance to travel to turkey I heard many, but many stories about this place and the amazing things they did together in their childhood. Sadly my husband stayed many years without going to their favorite spot in Behramkale, and when returning to his homecountry after 10 years they decided to go back to that spot and re-live their childhood experiences. Now as adults his best friend, the one who just got married, had graduated in Arts and one of his amazing hobbies is to photograph, and during their revival trip they not only managed to do all the activities they loved, but he also added photohraphy to their list and as a result my husband came back full of amazing shots of their special place.

I truly feel in love with those professional shots and realized that those memories needed to be cherished and immortalized. The beauty of this fisherman village was in every single photophed captured by our great friend. Few years later I had the opportunity of going there myself together with them and had to chance to live the magical moments with them, and realized that all those feelings were real. The beauty of the sea, the intact feeling of nature, the little boast parked by the tiny marina, the lighthouse that guided the boats, and the presence of very little commerce, and the fact that the city has not yet become a touristic destination made me understand the real culture of Beharm and the fishermen lifestyle that my husband Ali always talked about. It was truly a magical experience for me and a very nostalgic experience for them.

Last year we were then invided to Yetkin and his beautiful bride Sena's wedding and eventough I had not picked but a brush and a canvas since art school I decided to put all my fears of painting again away, picked up one of his pictures, which to me depicted the true feeling that we had those days in Beharm, and started to paint that shot for him and his wife. The results were truly extraordinary and itwill not only touched them tremendously but also revived in me a talent that I did not believe I had anymore.

Picture by Yetkin Yazici - Picture used as the main source for the painting

The Special Wedding Gift – An oil painting that is very meaningfull to us 4!

Behramkale Lighthouse
Behramkale Lighthouse

The painting

In this picture I feature the final result. The oil painting that I created with love which tries to capture the essence of Yetkin Yazici's Picture, it also reflects the light and the feelings that I had during my fascinating visit to Behramkale, and also my color pallet. As a Brazilian colors in my panting are never muted and I often depict the scenes with a lot less gray and a lot more brightness. I think it is the Brazilian in me that is always reaching for tones that are always alive!

I called the painting: The Behramkale Lighthouse by me, Michelle Mafra

More pictures by Yetkin. I cannot wait to paint them all! - Learn more about his design and photography work at: copyrighted. No r

Click thumbnail to view full-size

My recent work- Backsplash I painted for a client on Travertine Tiles. My interpretation of "Hands of god" by Michelangelo

My recent work- Backsplash I painted for a client on Travertine Tiles. My interpretation of "Hands of god" by Michelangelo
My recent work- Backsplash I painted for a client on Travertine Tiles. My interpretation of "Hands of god" by Michelangelo

Get inspired and give a oil painting to a couple you love!

If you are not an artist and not able to create the perfect painting as a wedding gift to a friend or family member, find an amazing artist or painting that relates to you and the couple you love. You will be impressed with so many painting out there that captures the essence you want to give and if you cannot find the perfect gift, you can always find a good artist and you can commission one from a picture or an idea.

Did you enjoy reading this article? If so show me your love - If you would like to commission a painting drop me a message here and I will make sure to contact

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      5 years ago

      i like this idea!!!


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