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Can you afford your wedding cake

Updated on October 15, 2010

Have your wedding cake and eat it to

If you can't afford a dream wedding cake , here's how to come close to it. Artificial wedding cakes, also known as dummy cakes or styrofoam cakes, will save you money. You can have it decorated exactly like your dream cake. A slit can be made in the back of fake bottom tier, so you can take pictures cutting your wedding cake. Order sheet cakes, enough to feed your wedding guest. Sheet cakes will be sliced in kitchen of your wedding reception venue and brought to your cake table. You can also alternate tiers, starting with top layer being real, if you want to save it for first wedding anniversary. Now you have the wedding cake design and flavor you wanted. You can also have a desert bar or candy bar buffet. Add cupcakes and colorful candy that matches your wedding color scheme. Add petite fors with your monogram on them. Use unique ribbons for your candy dishes, vases or trays. (Tip) To make your wedding cake look larger than it is, you can spread your individual cakes out and around the main cake, which will be a little bit smaller than an average wedding cake due to your budget, but that's okay, you can still shine as a bling bride! It just takes more time and patience, so plan ahead.

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