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Signals and Body Language of Love

Updated on May 12, 2011

Body Language of a couple in Love

A couple in love is wonderful. To watch a couple in love, you really can see a spark.




The couple will mimic each other naturally. If one does something, the other will subconsciously do the same thing.



They stare into each other’s eyes. They do not have a problem staring, they feel a spark just by looking. They seem to look for a long time, and not worry about the world around them.



They touch often. Sometimes a couple in love cannot get their hands off each other.



They stand or sit close together. You may not be able to separate a couple in love.



They do everything together. They like being together as much as possible. You would think a couple in love were addicted to one another.



They smile more often than before. They smile because being in love makes them happy.

pick lint


They might pick lint from each other. They will use every excuse to touch one another.

day in and day out


They think about one another day in and day out.  They may talk all day, and not know where the time went. 

love chemicals


There is allot to say about love, and what takes place inside someone when a person falls in love. Love has a few different stages. First, you have to be attracted to someone before you can fall in love (usually). The science behind attraction is in a different category.

 Right now, I am going to talk about love. Chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine are all present in different levels when a person is falling in love, to trick a person into getting into a relationship.



Adrenaline increases heart rate, contracts blood vessels, dilates air passages and participates in the fight of flight response. Butterflies really do happen with this neurotransmitter and hormone going through your body more so when you are falling in love. It could be one of the reasons that increasing someone’s adrenaline during a date can actually increase the odds in a person falling in love.


 Another chemical, serotonin, is also known as the happiness hormone.  The lower levels of serotonin found in a person when in love is about the same level as a person with obsessive compulsive disorder. There might be a connection with someone falling in love, and the obsession stage of the relationship. This stage of love only lasts from about 6 months to about three years.  The sad fact of the matter is that some people will end their relationship at this stage, because they fail to realize that this stage ends for most of us. It is a natural process. The relationship blossoms into a true love after this stage.

deeper level


If you are in love…

A person in love may even research being in love. You heard it right. Maybe you being in love is one of the reasons for reading this article.  If it is one of the reasons for you reading this article:

Have fun, and get to know each other on a deeper level. If you are making future plans, ask yourself were the relationship could go several years from now.

 If you get to know each other on a deeper level, this stage will change into a stage of true love.

When true love happens, you understand weaknesses, positive, and negative within each other. You will accept that person for who they are on the inside.

If your viewpoint on love has not matured, it will. You are on the road to understanding what true love really is.

true love


You will be there for each other through the worst and best. You may struggle at times, but you should be happy, knowing that you have another person to help you through it all.

The true love stage, a couple learns to work together, to accept each other for their strengths, and weakness. A couple learns to truly love each other without being drugged with the chemicals. A bond forms and different chemicals are released. So, before you decide that you are not in love, consider that this is a stage that most relationships go through, and you may actually be beginning to get into the part of the relationship where it is true love.

truly love each other


If you ever do hit a rough spot, do not give up (unless the relationship becomes unhealthy). Just think about the time you have spent with each other. If you were to throw away all of the time and hard work you have had with this person, what do you think would happen if you decided to have another person come into your life? Sure, you would be in love at first, but then there are the same stages you have to go through with this other person. This is just advice; you can take it or leave it. You should try your best to work through the bumps you might have in the future, if you truly love each other.

If the stage of being in love fades, understand that true love is right in front of you.


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    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment hillrider.

    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      "Chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine are all present in different levels when a person is falling in love, to trick a person into getting into a relationship."

      Finally someone will admit I was TRICKED into this ...LOL Nice hub and welcome to Hub pages. Just teasing above...