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all kinds of invitations

Updated on May 14, 2013

Vintage Wedding Invitations Make A Contribution to Your Big Day

With the development of the society and economics, there is no limit to people's quest for a better life. Not only the basic necessities of life, like clothes, food, house, traffic are included, but also the realm of spirit, like the wedding. When you are planning a wedding, you will find there are thousands of styles, just like for clothing. Vintage style wedding is one of them and it is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It will surely make a contribution to your big day. If you choose vintage style for your wedding, the vintage wedding invitations should be counted in.

Vintage Wedding Invites can be bought online and offline. All you need to do is searching. Besides, if you are looking for cheap invitation cards , then you can even get them from the supermarket. If you decide to order online, you should ask for a sample before they go into full production. That will be of great importance because it will give you a chance to ensure the quality and the exact information. Any names that appear on the cards should be noticed, and the venue details including the wedding , reception, times as well.

And there is another option available --doing it by yourself, especially you enjoy crafts and have enough time.Creating your own Vintage Wedding Cards with the correct stationery designs will certainly start things off properly. You can get boards with vintage color such as brown, bronze and dark yellow, along with edges that have been worn to give it a more authentic look. Next, keep in mind you are selecting a type style, or font, that brings one to a bygone era. There are a lot of fonts for you to choose, have the right font will definitely bring out the attitude you want, and of course make sure you use the correct spelling and phrasing.

All in all, having a themed wedding is a great way for everyone to have a great time on your big day. The Wedding Cards you send out are the first indication to your guests as to what they can expect from your wedding. Essentially, your invites is your calling cards and they will clue the guests in to the theme and perhaps the important details of your big day. For this reason, making a decision for your wedding invitations counts for much. And vintage wedding cards can't be a wrong choice.

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Beach Wedding Invitaitons

If your wedding ceremony is held on the beach, then a kind of Beach Wedding Invitation is needed. It can tell your guests what your wedding will actually be to some extent, and they may be clear what to wear on that day. There are so many sea elements can be taken into consideration for your beach theme invites, such as drift bottle, wooden boxes, oyster and pearl, footprints in the sand, etc.

Starfish Beach Wedding Invitaiton

Shell Beach Wedding Invitation

Drift Bottle Beach Wedding Invitation

Imaging that a beautiful summer day, with clear blue sky above your head, smiling guests getting together giving you the best wishes for your big day, everything would be perfect with these intimate invitation cards.

Hot Sale Wedding Invitations Offered At Invitationstyles - color scheme can be changed for free charge

Lavender bridal bouquet square folded wedding invite
Lavender bridal bouquet square folded wedding invite

As a professional invites supplier, there are enough different kinds of wedding invitations, offered at invitationstyles, can meet the demands of different consumers. The pages planning, products designing and pictures choosing are looks all right. According to the buyers, here are some hot sales at invitationstyles.

Big and small hearts square folded wedding invites rank the first. Many big and small hearts printed on the one side, and on the other side are the wordings of the invitations. The price of this kind of invites include RSVP cards and printed envelopes. Of course, there are matched invitations response card, reception cards, thank you cards and save the date cards.Consumers can choose their own color scheme and the wordings on the invitations,they are free of charge.The details like the size and craft can also be seen.

The second are the blue dandelions square folded wedding invitations. The dominant tone of this kind of invites is black with blue dandelions on them. Having a flower theme wedding makes the bride feel she is the princess of the whole world on her big day, which will full of smile and happiness. How can a flower theme wedding live without the flower wedding invitations? It gives people a feeling of warm, simple but classical. As mentioned above, the color scheme and wordings can be changed by the consumer themselves.

The third are the falling pink petals square folded wedding invites. On the one side of this kind of invitation, a big loving heart come into our view with so many petals of pink rose; on the other side are the wordings as well. A large amount of couples choose to have the wedding ceremony in autumn may because they can take full advantage of the beautiful color changes during the season and enjoy a romantic and cozy wedding. Fall wedding invitations add warmth and charm to the wedding celebration as well.

New Products At Invitationstyles - Unique Cartoon Wedding Invitations And Luxury Wedding Invitations

When talking about weddings, something come into our mind may be the beautiful bride, the champagne , the luxury ceremony, people smiling and giving their best wishes to the couples. However, to the wedding hosts, there are a lot of things which will take so much time and energy need to be prepared,such as the time, place, the theme of the wedding and the wedding invitations.Speaking of the wedding invitation cards, buying online is a good choice. Invitationstyles is a professional invites supplier online.There are two kind of new products at, unique cartoon wedding invitations and luxury wedding invitations. They are all meticulously made for people who are keening on cartoons and want their wedding invitations to be more elegant.

Integrating distinctive personalities with genius painting styles, Unique Cartoon Wedding Invitations adopting diversified attractive themes of cinema and masterpieces can utterly leave a profoundly delightful impression on recipients at the first sight and turn out to be a precious keepsake evoking glorious memories for such a big day at the same time. Thousands of invites are available at invitationstyles, and we can also personalize any design with any color we want.

As for the Luxury Wedding Invitations, the refined palettes and unique patterns can promise us of a marvelous intermediary for announcing the big day to all our friends and relatives. They give an impression of elegance and gorgeousness. People receiving them cannot help imaging how the wedding will actually be.

Choosing the right wedding invitation cards may not be that easy. Matching the wedding theme and following our hearts can be a good idea. There are sometimes when we are fond of something at the first sight. Invitationstyles has thousands of different kinds of invitations with definitely high quality, stylish variety and affordable price.

Abundant Stylish Invitations Are Offered At is known as a professional invites supplier which offering abundant elegant and creative wedding invitations and stationery of definitely high quality and satisfyingly affordable price. The price of products at invitationstyles start from £0.99 with surprising free response cards and printed envelopes.You can swim in this sea made by invitations and choose whatever you like.

The different kinds of those amazing wedding invitations can be shopped by color, style ,season, theme, time and so on, keeping pace with your demands from all aspects.

As for the color, nearly all the tinct like white, purple, pink, green, blue,orange, red, brown, yellow, black wedding invitations can be found. When it comes to the style, invitationstyles has folded wedding invitations, pocket wedding invitations, flat wedding invitations and layered wedding invitations. A year is divided into four seasons, you can also get your invitation cards of spring, summer, autumn and winter style. That will be wonderful choices after you deciding when to have the wedding ceremony. In addition, wedding invites themes like beach, contemporary, traditional,vintage, butterfly, hearts, flower, ribbon, photo unique and luxury are also available. Choosing beach wedding cards when your wedding is held on the beach. If you are keen on flowers , then a flower wedding invitation can be your best choice. You can not imaging how fabulous they are until seeing them in person. Invitationstyles will never let you down.

As a brilliant intermediary for transmitting all the effective information about your unique wedding and an excellent mirroring of new couple's distinctive personalities, wedding invitations should also be put much ingenious insight in during sticky wedding preparation.Invitationstyles is definitely a good choice to choose your dreaming wedding cards.


Contact information:

TEL:+44 020 3239 7303


Ideas of Vintage Wedding Invitations

As we all know, vintage style is sweeping the whole world in recent years.Vintage is becoming a hot word,so does vintage style wedding. Selecting an appropriate wedding invitation can be not that easy. For a vintage style wedding, vintage wedding invitations are needed.

It doesn't take a time machine -- or a fortune -- to get the vintage wedding of your dreams.All these can began with your unique vintage wedding cards. Retro reminds us of the old beautiful days that can never be forgotten. Here are some idea of making vintage wedding cards.

·Iconic movie scenes

Taking a cue from romance greats is a good idea.You can print some pictures from the classical movies on your wedding cards ,like Roman Holiday, Casablanca, Meet Me in St. Louis, and Gone With The Wind for .By the way ,you can also print your engagement photos which imitate some scenes of those movies.


Designing the invite to look like a telegram can be retro enough.Telegram is one of the first reliable long-distance communication method which begins in the United Kingdom and the United States.When using the telegram style invitations,do not to forget to complete the look with wax seal and stamps.

·Kraft paper

Kraft paper is another symbol of vintage style.To write the wedding invitation on kraft paper, leave it as simple as you can, just some words and that's all.Notice that the script should be retro as well.


You can also invite your wedding guests on the post cards, the invitation-like post card or the post card-like invitation,whatever. They can absolutely reminds your guests of the past days of using post cards.

·Old stuff

Printing some pictures of old stuff on theWedding Invites,maybe old bicycles,radios,houses ,etc.

Wedding can be fantastic moments that can never be forgotten for all the girls. The above are some ideas of Vintage Wedding Cards ,there are of course some other thoughts we will put forward next time.

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Luxury Wedding Invitations Add Elegant To Your Big Day - luxury wedding invitations

Catering for couples' different tastes for either modern or vintage themed wedding, luxury wedding invitations featuring refined palettes and unique patterns can promise you of a marvelous intermediary for announcing your big day to all the friends and relatives.

The design, printing process and the materials have to be taken into consideration in the sake of creating luxury wedding invitations. It will not be that difficult for you to make the invitation cards you want if you think about the terms mentioned above carefully. Bear in mind that all of the terms are your favourite and match with the theme of your wedding.

When it comes to the design of your wedding cards. You may want to make your cards look sophisticated and elegant. A graphic design can help you with this. As for the color, gold and ivory frequently give a luxury and elegant impression, and maybe simple design is appropriate enough. Ribbons can also be helpful. The next you need to consider is the printing process. You can think over using the method of engraving if you would like to make your

Luxury Wedding Invitations more elegant and expensive. It is only one of the options and sometimes hand written cards can just look as good. In addition, thermography, letterpress and foil can make your invites look luxury. As a matter of fact, it is very common to use the technique of laser-cutting so that you can create the shapes and patterns you want. The last but not the least, the materials you are going to use to make your luxury wedding invitations are very important. They should be made from paper of very high quality. Some people may choose to use handmade silk paper.

If time and energy are not enough for you to make your own invites. You can buy them on the internet. There are thousands of different styles wedding cards and you just need to type in "

Luxury Wedding Invitations" and search your favourite one.You may be dazzled when so many styles of wedding invites come into your view, what you should do is insisting on your thoughts. Keep in mind to ask for some samples before you decide to buy.

When looking out for ideas of stylish wedding cards, remember that at the end of the day ,the aim of the invitation should be create something that is not only unique but also a reflection of the couple getting married,making the guests so impressed by the wedding. Luxury wedding invitations do add elegant to your wedding and shine your big day.

Matching the Summer Wedding Invitations with Your Ceremony

A good-looking and attractive invitation gives the right information to guests from the moment the receiver opens it. Under this circumstance, your wedding invitation cards should express the sentiments and emotions of a couple somehow. There are of course many different kinds of summer wedding invitations, and they run the gamut from the most elaborate and elegant to the simplest and most casual. However, choosing a style of wedding invite best suits both your needs and the nature of the ceremony may not be that easy.

Stylish Wedding Invitaitons

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