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Does 'tying a mangalsutra' (marriage ritual) consecrate a marriage?

A bridegroom tying a mangalsutra (thaali in Tamil) around the neck of the bride (as per Hindu/Tamil tradition) is a ritual which symbolises that a couple are wedded.Today I saw a Tamil movie, in which the hero ties a thaali forcibly to the heroine, when she is having her closed. This kind of marrying was in vogue and accepted in some parts of Tamilnadu a few decades ago. If this happened today would you accept that they are married?


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Best Answer Johnkadu123 says

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5 years ago
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    OTEE 5 years ago

    Thanks John for that answer. Even in India today, if the ceremony was conducted under compulsion, it would be considered legally invalid. Though in most places just the ceremony by itself is considered to sanctify the marriage.