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Why same-sex marriage. Isn't that just a friendship with benefits

I am not judging anyone. I believe right & wrong are merely relative terms to one's philosophy. But marriage is about male & female having children identified with & belonging to them. Same-sex marriage is a friendship with sexual benefits. Two people interested in having same-sex interactions with each other. To have children, same-sex couples must request egg or seed from the opposite sex or adopt the product of heterosexual intercourse. Same-sex couples must always borrow to have a family. So why call it a marriage?

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dashingscorpio says

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4 years ago
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    RealityTalk 4 years ago

    I did not say anything about who should not get married. What I said was why marriage was invented in the first place. What its intended purpose was. You can redefine "Stop" to mean "slow or go," but it was created to mean "to cease movement."