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Isn't it unbecoming to a civilised woman to indulge in the luxury of matrimony?

The fact that the institution of matrimony is basically anti-feminine is, as I view it, the strongest argument that disapproves of a 21st century woman's wilful indulgence in the silly, senseless, useless luxury of matrimony. It's worth noting as well that women in general have nothing truly meaningful to expect or gain from matrimony. The moustached humans aren't lions of men. They're deplorably lacking in the capacity they need possess in order to make a worthy hubby, aren't they?


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Diana F. King-Fyre :: DECEASED, 1962-2014, Rest in Peace (PoeticFailosophy) says

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4 years ago
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    Prakash Ranjan Paul (Prakash RnP) 4 years ago

    There's good reason Ms Trov should consider her marriage to Mr Murdoch, because of '1.1 BILLION DOLLARS', very very meaningful.But to women in general it may prove a mirage to dream of such a marriage as men like Ruperts are insignificant few.