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What do you think about relationship where men use their parents money to date

Despite my mum always wanted me to have a girl friend, I never consider dating before I was 25, because my mum was really against me working (her reason is: rich kids don't need to work "My parents are loaded rich)and did all she could to stop me from getting a job, so I wasn't able to get a job till 24. I think it is disgusting for a man to use his parents money to date a girl and disgusting for a woman to even consider dating such men. Which is why I didn't consider dating till 25. But some people don't share such view. I find those relationship disgusting. But what is your view on this.


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dashingscorpio says

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2 years ago
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    peter565 2 years ago

    In the company my dad is board of, one board member's son is like that. I think he is a spineless sponge. I believe a real man should be self reliant. If my mum didn't do all she could to stop me getting a job, I'll be own my own since turning 18.