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Should we legalize polygamy under this sort of circumstances?

In WW2, 80% of Russian men are dead, as a result, there was 1 man to every 5 woman, which is why today, Russian women are all very beautiful, because it was the more attractive 1/5 of women from that era, that got married and have descendants, today. But it mean, many women from WW2 to era, have no decendants and no children to take care of them. I think under this sort of circumstances, it is wise, to legalized polygamy to an extend, where if the 1st wife agree, a man can take up to 5 wifes, for that generation to help resolve this problem


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dashingscorpio says

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2 years ago
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    peter565 2 years ago

    True, women are more open to the idea of sharing an husband with multiple women, but few men would share a wife with other men.