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Is been a jerk truly a requirement to be a player that get laid?

TV portray players as unethical jerks getting sex by unethical manipulation eg lying to women about wanting commitment. Only James Bond is portray a nice guy player who simply have what women want. We even give nice guy player an alternative title call "lady's man". But most studies suggest, been James Bond style player is more effective, then jerks eg, study found girls are more likely to sleep with a guy she just met, if he let her know he is just looking for a bit of fun, from the beginning, then lying saying he wants commitment, because girls withhold sex longer in serious relationship.


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dashingscorpio says

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19 months ago
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    peter565 19 months ago

    From experience, I agree with what you say. That's also why I say, the jerk player technique on TV, such as pursuing a girl desiring for marriage and lie to her saying u want commitment to get in her pants don't work.