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Would u approve ur daughter, marry a man that didn't support himself through college?

My mum never like me having a job, because, I came from a rich family and don't need to work and she is piss about my grandpa forcing her to work, when she was my age, despite she is from a rich family. During my early 20s, it was WW3 at home 24/7, I try getting a job and my mum was furious about it, as a result, I couldn't get 1st job till late 20s. I always felt half a man, because, not having a job to late 20s, so I never got a girl friend. So I image, if I got a daughter, I won't approve her marry a man, who didn't support himself through college, because I will see him not a real man


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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2 months ago
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    peter565 2 months ago

    People who don't work through college, are as likely to suffer unemployment, as high school graduated, For me, I solve the problem, by going into business my self, partner with friend in college, I was not able to get any job, at all.