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Failing Relationship can be Saved

Updated on July 9, 2013

How to fix a broken relationship

Your Mate

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The Break Down of a Relationship


Are you killing your relationship? Is the need for them to respond to you in a certain way becoming a noose around their neck? Are you guilty of wanting them to fill that vacant hole, which resides in you? Are your days being haunted with a yearning to have another belong to you? Has this transpired into creating in you a relationship addict? Can you see how you are killing your romantic relationship with your obsession of sucking someone’s essence out of them, just for your own need? Do you know someone who fits the above descriptions? If this describes you or another, you are experiencing the effects of an energy vampire.

The Break Down of a Relationship:

Relationships usually began to break down, when at least one person begins to feel empty. They begin to feel cheated by their partner, because they could not continue feeding them as they did in the beginning. The confusion, which sets in, is their misunderstanding that the beginning of a relationship does not represent the reality of a romantic partnership. It is only a temporarily illusion, a feeling of being intoxicated, which will not last forever. At the beginning of a relationship, their partner devoted so much of their time and energy on them, cradling them into a bubble of love. They are alluded to the fact that they have entered the rose-color-glass period. This period does not represent the true sense of everyday reality. Everyday reality is temporarily replaced with both people sharing in the drink of each other’s energies, which stimulates the intensity of an energy rush. Life is good, and the high is addicting. As with all types of addictions, one must crash. Reality stares down at them, and those rose-color-glasses dissipate. This is the norm of relationships, however for some people it is not their norm. This period ushers in the breakdown of their relationship.

.This is when those negative attributes start to rise, and the demands become visible. Accusations are freely thrown by some, and they are constantly demanding the other person to give them more of their time. They forever are trying to bring back that ‘rose-color’ period. Than you have those who withdraw, and purposely make the other person’s life miserable. This often is when the martyr shows up in the relationship, while the one who throws their temper tantrums reveals the victim to the mix. Their hidden energy vampire comes out in either case, and their aim is to suck out the energy of their mate. They regressed to the hungry baby syndrome, were we throw childish temper tantrums

It is at this time, that the majority of my clients would seek me out for a psychic reading. They come with their indignant minds, in hopes to discover why their mate is not responding to them as they did in the beginning of their relationship. They wish to have their possession back as they want, verses what they want. They are obsessed with getting them back to that rose-color version. This obsession often is displayed to me, when they request that I use my psychic abilities to spy on their mate, which I always refused.. These people sadly are on a vicious cycle of needing that energy fix that was available in the beginning of the relationship. They are addicted to being an energy vampire, which is justified as love.

Toxic Relationships

How we Destroy our Relationships

The Burial of the Relationship

We are now at the point of digging the ground to burying the relationship. This is accomplished through reactions. Those reactions can fall into several categories, which might run the gamut of one or two, or using all of them. Obsession usually is excessive so most of the time every method of manipulation will be tried. These areas can include the following; arguing and belittling, illness, pregnancy, accusations, cheating as revenge, spending their money, over eating or drinking, slandering them to their boss, family members and/or friends, and acting like a victim. All these components serve to fill the empty hole that they claimed their partner provided. Their minds will have become obsessive in destroying their mate or manipulating their love one to stay. Their whole focus is on this, though they claim it in the name of love or hate. The love that they have claimed was there in the beginning has disintegrated. It is time for the funeral of their romantic relationship.

The Energy Vampire Strikes Out Again after the Funeral:

This is the period where a person might seek the help of a psychic again. This time their purpose is two-fold. The first again is to spy and the second is to pledge that he or she was their true soul mate. Both questions contain one element to it; when will their partner return. This is not so abnormal, for denial is part of the grieving period. Often a person will work through this, and eventually move on. Maybe they have learned a lesson or two on the way. The obsession aspect comes into play when they cannot let go. Sometimes they will have the opportunity to rekindle this relationship. This though often is short lived. The same circumstances tend to repeat themselves, yet the person cannot let go. As a psychic, I have seen this way to many times, and have noted that many of these people will linger in this suspension for years. They refuse to let go. Their obsession has turned into their whole life. They live and breathe it, and chose to play a victim. Why are they a victim? They wallow in victimhood because they are addicted to the ‘rose-color glass beginnings’. They wear their victimhood like a badge daily, and do not realize it is a dark cloud over them. When a person is cloaked with this dark cloud they will only attract others who will use them and the cycle never ends.

The Energy Vampire

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Re-connecting with Love

How to Make Romantic Love Thrive?

Romantic love is not defined in the beginning of a relationship. It is only a period of getting to know the other. The emotions are intense, and sometimes addicting. In essence it is often the energy vampire at its’ best. Why is this so? This is the period of time, when both people are busy sucking out the life of each other, so the energy is never dispelled. It can be seen as two cups constantly being replenished. What happens though is this rose-color- period begins to slowly dissolve, leaving both cups not completely full. If both people do not move past that, then the one who doesn’t will continue to suck at the other person’s energy. This is problematic because that person has not learned to fill its’ own cup.

To make our romantic love relationships thrive and grow, we have to offer more than trying to possess our partner. We need to offer up a full plate to each other. This does not mean we cannot omit an item on the plate and add another, but we cannot enter a relationship seeking them to fill our plate. We need to have a passion for living, and share that with our lover. We need to share us, not take from them. There must be freedom in our relationship. You must encourage each other to soar in areas that might not include us. You both entered this relationship with goals that were joint, as well as individual. Too many people try to stunt the growth of their partner, and wonder why the relationship is not working. Only in presenting freedom, with a healthy dose of trust, can our relationship blossom to fruition. They are not there to fix your or fill up your time, so you will not get bored. If you believe this, then you have offered your mate nothing. You cannot provide everything to them either. Neither of you are supposed to be each other’s entertainment center. Neither of you were meant to confined each other. Let them soar in love and trust, as you do the same for yourself. This adds to the passion of your relationship and healthy growth that can be shared between the two of you. We must first learn to fill our own heart. When we have a surplus of our own energy, we cannot be sucked dry, nor do we have to need to do so to another. The person we meet becomes an addition to our already filled life, verses someone whose purpose is to fill our life. This is love.


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