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Are men better than women

Updated on April 3, 2011

Do you really think men are so much aggressive and cruel and women are better than men in relationships

Today, I visited one of my friends profile on orkut and found a snap in her album stating "Men are just like that" Following are some points displayed on this snap.

1. If you will treat a man nicely, he will say that you are in love with him, and if you do not treat him nicely, then he will say that you are proud.

2. If you will argue with a man, he will say you are STUBBORN, but if you will keep quiet, he will say you do not have brains.

3. If you are smarter than your man, he will lose FACE, but if he is smarter than you, then he will say I am GREAT.

4. If you will not love your man, he will try to possess you by anything, but if you will really love him, he will try to leave you.

5. If you will go ahead and tell your problem to him, he will say you are troublesome as you always have some problems, but if you have some problem and you will not share with him, he will say you do not trust me.

6. If you will somehow break your promise, he will say I known women can't be trusted, especially you and if he breaks his promise, he will say I was forced to do so.

7. If you will smoke, you are a bad girl, but if he will smoke, he will say I am a gentleman.

8. If you will do well in your exams, he will say its by LUCK, but if he will do well somehow in exams, then he will say I have brains.

9. If you will hurt him, he will say you are cruel, but if he will hurt you, he will say you are too much SENSITIVE.

After reading all this, I wrote in her scrapbook:

There are some more aspects in men besides what you have displayed in your album and that are:

1. If you will love him by heart, he will love you like anything.

2. If you want to become something in life, he will be at your back supporting you.

3. If you are feeling sad, he will crack jokes and make you laugh.

4. If you failed in doing something, he will again motivate you.

So my fellow hubbers, I ask you do you agree with whatever I have written and whatever my orkut friend has displayed in her album.

Yes or no, all guys and gals are invited to write their own view points below in the comments section.


Rajinder Soni

Note: You can also comment anonymously if you want.

Are men really cruel?

Guys and gals from around the world, your comments are welcome over here

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    • profile image

      An actual Man 5 years ago

      Hahaha this is funny, you obviously took this all from experience. Oh wait, no you didn't.

      And 'JadedPoet', all that stuff you just described has nothing to do with 'Men thinking Women are better'. It's called men losing their wives and so must try and portray a motherly figure for their child to go up normally.

      And Women 'Decide' they want to be men also, ever consider that?

      You are trying to turn Men being good people into a 'Battle of the sexes'. Goes to show women think everything is a competition. Am I right, I don't know, but I've got a great example from your comment.

      Hopefully women can stop making conclusions from facts that aren't there. It ruins a lot of relationships -FACT-

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice comprehensive comment JadetPoet.

    • JadedPoet profile image

      JadedPoet 8 years ago from Chillicothe MO

      I don't think men are better than women, or that women are better than men. I do tink, however, that men are starting to feel that women are better. Look at all the devices out there to help a man act like a woman, from bras that hold nippled feeders so men can "breast feed" babies, or the baby carriers that make men feel like they are carrying a child in a way similar to the way a pregnant woman carries one. An awful lot of men are deciding, in mid life, that they are actually women, trapped in male bodies. (this, after fathering kids, being soldiers, and living a merry male life for 40 to 50 years) Are we better than men?No, but as long as they think so, we're winning the battle of the sexes.

    • prems4u profile image

      prems4u 9 years ago from KERALA Cochin


    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      It certainly makes you think about men and women in different relationships