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Are You the Kind of Woman Men Adore and fall in Love With

Updated on April 30, 2013

If you have ever had a number of many men attracted to you at any moment in your life, then you certainly know that men adore and fall in love with women not because of their perfect curves or exceptional beauty. It goes beyond your innate magnetism or appealing personality characteristics. Neither is it due to a special DNA or blessing. But all you need to have is the required skills. Fortunately, any woman can master them just like other skills. So are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with?

The following paragraphs describe some of the skills you should have to be this woman.

>>>> Be Independent…Although men like knowing that their woman enjoys spending time with them, you should be happy and contented to be alone sometimes and enjoy the company of other people to uphold a man's interest and respect. Spending all your free time with your man, may create a lot of problems.

Firstly, the guy may start to feel suffocated. Secondly, if you stop hanging out with your friends or quit all your hobbies, then your man would certainly remain your only entertainment source and this may backfire.


>>>> Be Confident…Most women are easily influenced by their friends that they will always find themselves trying to look and behave like their friends. But if you want to be the woman men adore and fall in love with, you should figure out who you are and just be yourself. Men like confident women and not self-conscious ones.

If you have a low confidence level, just ask yourself; are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with? And I can bet the answer is no. to boost your confidence levels, list all your positive qualities and then focus on these qualities.

>>>> Be Soft spoken…Learning to express yourself without shouting would make your man to listen to you at all times. Men are naturally egotistic and competitive. Therefore, your man would stop listening to what you've to say when he realizes that you are undermining his opinion. If you like shouting at your man, just ask yourself; are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with?


>>>> Take Care of yourself…Another thing that can make men to adore you is keeping yourself fit and healthy. Ensure you take care of your body by finding out the most suitable lifestyle for you with regards to nutrition, diet and exercise. But remember that you don't have to be too skinny for men to adore you. There are different types of body shapes hence you should just concentrate on a body shape that suits you.

>>>> Don't be gossiping and nagging…You may think that gossiping about other men may help boost your man's sense of worth but men don't entertain any kind of gossip, whether positive or negative. In fact, this is one of the major characters that men hate about women. On the same note, most women have this nagging habit when they are upset. Although they may be justified, men simply don't like this kind of attribute in women. So, are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with? All you have to do is follow the aforementioned tips and every man would follow you.


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