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Throw an Asian Theme Bridal Shower!

Updated on April 25, 2011

Clever and Cost-Effective, This Chic and Exotic Shower Theme is a Sure Hit

An Asian-themed bridal shower is one of the most stylish parties you can throw for a friend — and let's not forget the lasting charm of shower that's a pleasure to all the senses.

So, here's how to whip up an Asian-style bridal shower of your very own, and impress the girls without breaking the bank! Want to be light-hearted? Go right ahead! Not only is this theme colorful and youthful, it's the very essence of femininity.

Hanging Paper Lanterns
Hanging Paper Lanterns

Brights + Repetition = Maximum Impact!

A fun, springtime spin on an Asian theme bridal shower involves lots and lots of color. Start with a pretty cake covered in cherry blossom designs — to swoon for! Or, if a cake just seems like too much trouble, you'll get equal eye appeal by stacking orange and pink-frosted cupcakes in a tiered stand (make your own by draping a sturdy box with shiny fabric).

Then for maximum color, dot the ceiling with bright paper lanterns, available all over the web for an ultra-reasonable cost. Hang these in clusters of pink, orange and white — over the table where the girls will be dining is best! These paper lanterns are so dramatic and eye-catching, you won't need expensive floral arrangements to make the place pop.

A Far-East Feast for the Eyes

Asian Bridal Shower - All the Pics
Asian Bridal Shower - All the Pics

But if you want to add even more sizzle here and there, set floating candles in a low bowl of water, or use the heads of Gerber daisies. You can dye the water pink or orange if you like, using ordinary food coloring! Or, you could wrap the base of white pillar candles in pink or orange satin ribbon for a high-end look. Want lots of vertical drama? Gather up some branches and attach pink blooms — use silk or even origami paper ones. The result is striking, and cheap!

Now, set the table with square plates and bright fabric napkins, then place a lovely, spread-out fan (paper or silk) on each plate. You can attach a name tag to each fan, in the form of a simple paper square or a markered-on ribbon. So charming!

Frosted Pink Punch Drinks
Frosted Pink Punch Drinks

Aromatic Appetizers and Fabulous Finger Foods

Now, what to serve for food? Again, bright square-shaped bowls would be ideal. Happily, you can get mouth-watering appetizers and main courses inexpensively from your local takeout. Focus on convenient finger food like spring rolls, pork or chicken pot stickers and dim sum.

Then, a bowl of edamame will bring a cheerful green to the table. Lay out little bowls of goldfish crackers (goldfish are good luck!). Search the Epicurious website (put in "Asian" and narrow the search to "appetizers") for simple, impressive dishes you can make ahead, like Grilled Shrimp with Asian Dipping Sauces or Chicken States on a skewer. Delicious! Look up candy sushi for an especially clever touch.

For beverages, serve bright-colored punches dotted with thin slices of orange (bubbly is optional). Pink plastic "champagne" glasses would be adorable, or take an extra moment to dip the rims of traditional ones in bright pink sugar.

Cherry Blossoms & Tea
Cherry Blossoms & Tea

Subtle Final Touches

Want even more visual pizazz for the pics? Ask your guests to don one of the party colors, like white, pink or orange, or a coordinating floral. They'll feel festive in a spring-hued dress, and the photos will look amazing. Whether real or faux, get your hands on a blushing bloom for the bride-to-be to tuck in her hair.

For practical favors that will help this event remain in their hearts for a long time, try edible favors like personalized mint tins in cherry blossom or fan designs, or chocolate-dipped fortune cookies in bright take-out boxes. Or for a keepsake, gift your guests with something as useful as it is on-theme, like a "Double Happiness" wine stopper.

Asian Party Favors

Asian Wedding Favors
Asian Wedding Favors

Shop for Asian wedding favors and party favors, paper lantern and parasols, and chopsticks and accessories at FavorIdeas!

Paper Parasols
Paper Parasols

A Whiff of Olfactory Adventure

So to sum up, an Asian-themed bridal shower destined to keep them talking is really a cinch to do, with a little pre-planning. Need just a pinch more inspiration? Spritz a little sandalwood room spray around the room before the first guest arrives (but don't overdo it).

A Beautiful Mom's Asian-Themed Shower

Here's a cute Aisan-theme baby shower that uses orchids to great effect, and even balloons. Baby shower, you say? Well, baby showers are a great secret weapon when it comes to digging up decor ideas!

Have some shower décor ideas of your own? Talk back below and let us know!

Talk Back on Asian Theme Bridal Showers!

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    • profile image

      boutiqueshops 6 years ago

      Very well done! Thanks for an outstanding page, illustrated well and well written, on a super bridal shower idea! Blessed by the Squid Angel of Bridal Showers!

    • piedromolinero profile image

      piedromolinero 7 years ago

      A very nice idea giving some asian touch to the bridal shower. I added your lens to my Wedding Planner lens. Thumbs up.