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How to attract a guy and win his heart

Updated on August 21, 2009

Be a man magnet

Attracting the man of your dreams only exist if you’re in control of yourself. Here are some good suggestions on how to catch the guy you want and win his heart:

There are many questions why when you see some “not” so pretty women holding hands with very attractive and passionate men. Did they apply some witchcraft? Did they pay him? How did she do it? Well, catching the man of your dreams can be a little challenging especially if the pointers below are not natural to you or you’re a drama, self-centered queen. When you do these pointers and apply this in your life, you’ll catch and win his heart. Make sure that you use this for your clean intentions and not to play with men’s heart.

a.) Be confident – confidence is very attractive. When you are confident of yourself and what you have, you tend to be comfortable to be around. Don’t gossip. Gossiping is a verbal defense mechanism of girls who are insecure of themselves. They try to eliminate their insecurities by trying to gossip for the other girls who has the qualities they like but are not with them. Confident woman doesn’t gossip because she is very comfortable of what she is.

b.) Be an island – do not need a man to be happy. If you are needy you scare a man because a man doesn’t want to do all the effort just to raise the sun in your mornings. You have to feel satisfied about yourself and be emotionally stable. Don’t try to catch the guy in his neck; you’re a woman not a stalker. Give him freedom he needs. A man who has a very sufficient, fun, confident girlfriend waiting for him from his basketball game rushes fast to see the girl than a man who’s girl is always being needy and interrogating and suspecting like cops. They would bail out faster than horse in horse race.

c.) Fix your life before catching a man – you have to repair all excess baggage or unfinished business before you want to catch the man of your dreams. This includes finishing bad relationships and letting them go. You don’t want a rebound relationship; you want a good relationship with compassion and commitment.

d.) Be hygienic – brush and floss your teeth, take a bath, apply lotion and perfume. A woman’s scent is very irresistible to men so you have to add the attractiveness by taking good care of yourself.

e.) Smile – you don’t know who is falling in love with your smile. So increase your charm by smiling and not frowning. Frowning is like denoting you are depressed woman and who wants to be with a depressed woman?

f.) Intelligence – it is very important to carry out a great and catching conversation. If you think you’re like a dumb blonde – do a little review in the internet about things you think you are weak. Intelligent women are very attractive and you catch an intelligent man as well. Men think that dumb women are easy to get, easy to forget and needy type of women. They want challenges and a silly woman cannot create that challenge.

g.) Respect and take care of the man – don’t be a biyotch. Not because you are pretty and all that you treat men poorly. You should treat them with respect and accept their ideas and just let go of those things that you think displeases you. Don’t emasculate them.

h.) Don’t take too much nudge to please them –just be who you are; if you think some men are hard to please then let them go and find another guy. There are plenty of fishes in the sea and those guys who are very hard to please or very phony they don’t deserve a woman like you.

i.) Respect yourself – pass the first date test “that is with no sex”. This is the rule of the thumb. If you have sex on the first date, a man will not take you seriously because it will come to his brain that the act is usual and normal to you and you had sex with many guys. Respect yourself by limiting yourself to what is righteous.



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