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Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Updated on June 3, 2014

Ideas for a Seasonal Marriage Theme

With the proper attention to detail anytime of the year makes a good time to have a wedding. No matter when, where or how much you have to spend it can be amazing. I have a special page that I list a daily spotlight on and today it is dedicated to Autumn Weddings. Most ceremonies fall in the summer and June seems to be the month most chosen. Unfortunately if it is really hot on the special day you are sure to run into some monstrous problems. In the cooler weather melting make-up and sticky clothing is one problem you will not likely encounter. These are two things that are hard to get just right and the added stress will make any time of year hot.

Extra Little Things

Just a few things that you might need to complete your decor.

Autumn / Fall Theme Wedding Accessory Set: Flutes, Cake Servers, Guestbook. Pen
Autumn / Fall Theme Wedding Accessory Set: Flutes, Cake Servers, Guestbook. Pen

Includes: guest signing book, pen set, cake and knife server set and toasting glasses

Set with Fall colored leaf resin accents and highlighted with perfectly placed matching crystals

Each piece in this set comes in an individual gift box ready for gift giving.

Mini Fall Maple Leaves - Autumn Weddings, Invitation Leaves, Fall Table Accemt
Mini Fall Maple Leaves - Autumn Weddings, Invitation Leaves, Fall Table Accemt

Mini silk artificial maple leaves can be used for multiple purposes

Approximately 60 mini fall silk leaves per pkg

Approximate Leaf Size: 1" to 1-1/2"


Reception Tables

The part of decorating that needs the most attention when doing the reception area are the tables. There are numerous little details that need to be taken care of. It is not as simple as getting out the dishes and setting the table. With and Autumn theme wedding you will be looking for things in the same color scheme as the fall. Burnt orange and rust are always nice with a touch of yellow to make all the colors pop.

Photo credit: smcgee

Focus on Color Scheme

Every table should be prepared to fit the style and color scheme of the entire wedding. From the color of the clothes to the all around colors in the reception hall. This can be a fun endeavor and can be as easy as choosing the right table clothes and centerpieces to adding lighting to set off the proper effects. For a fall wedding the colors you might choose from are in the brownish scheme. Rust or orange is a popular choice.

Waterford 8-Inch Red and Amber Bowl

Beautiful vase for the main table centerpiece

Wonderful Autumn Wedding Cakes

Click thumbnail to view full-size

"Mini-Chandelier" Votive Stand Wedding Centerpieces

These are gorgeous when dressed up with fall leaves around the base. Each table at your reception will have their own touch of elegant lighting while still keeping in the seasons theme.

Glass Votive Cups and Stands Included!

17" tall

Wedding Band Set - Autumn Style Rings

The very essence of your wedding are the rings. These are the one thing that you are going to see and interact with everyday for what we hope is a long, long time.

With this in mind take your time and choose wisely. I did not realize that I had a slight allergy to yellow gold until my finger broke out in a rash where my gold band sat on my finger. I remembered my mother telling me that she couldn't wear gold next to her skin which was why her wedding ring set was platinum. Another thing to take into consideration is the thickness of the ring. You can get them as small as 3mm to as wide as 8mm. If you are not much of a ring wearer don't go too wide because you will be wearing it. Especially consider the width when an engagement ring is also going to be worn.

I found ring sets that I think show a touch or the fall season

  • Pretty flowing mix of white and yellow gold

    10k Yellow Gold Diamond 2 Piece Wedding Ring Set His 7mm & Hers 6mm, Men's Size 8 to 14

"Save the Date "and "Thank You Cards"

One of the biggest parts of a wedding and the most time consuming. Choosing invitations and matching things can be a real pain. At one time the only way to do this was with books filled with choices of paper type and font. The choices were very limited but with time and the willingness to invest these options increased. Today you can find just about anything you want. If you are really creative you can even make your own. The most interesting items today are the very first piece of information that you will be sending out. Save the Date. This can be a simple card but my favorite is the refrigerator magnet. You can get these to match your invitations. Below are links to some of the products you will be looking for in order to get your special day announced.

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