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Lasting Friendships

Updated on August 2, 2018
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Victoria is a junior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Human Resources Management, she works full-time and is a single mother.

Lasting Friends

There are friends that come and go and then there are friends that go, but when you see them again it is like they never left life just got in the way and they are the ones that were sent just for you. I was blessed to have one enter my life when I needed her most and her name is Jessica Carter. We may not always be near each other or be actively a part of each other's lives, but our lives constantly cross paths to pick each other up and be there when we need each other.

I met my lasting friend at a time in my life when I needed her the most, I had just lost my best friend and was sent away to a mental health facility where I met a girl who was the complete opposite of me and the perfect match for a lifelong friend. We sat in a waiting room at a mental health facility awaiting evaluations, I was screaming angrily and then she walked in crying looking miserable and my heart crumbled as I instantly tried to cheer her and know her.

We instantly clicked, it was like we knew each other from another life and were just catching up on this one to help guide each other through our rough times. I was angry at the world getting into fights and she was battling major depression where was seeking attention from the wrong crowds and trying to hang around those who were too old for her tempting her to do things fifteen-year-old girls should not be doing.

We ended up being roommates and spending weeks getting to know each other and our friendship just blossomed like a wild rose bush. When we both were released from the hospital we had snuck a way to give our phone numbers to each other not realizing we lived hours away from each other. It took months before we finally got back in touch and she had slipped back into a funk that I knew I had to intervene in if I wanted her to be who she needed to be in this world. So, I mowed grass, babysitting children, and cleaned many homes to round up the money for gas to have my mother take me to her to stay for a few weeks to get rid of that wrong crowd for good. One of them resisted and told her parents lies that I did drugs and was giving them to her and they called my mom to have her come get me and I could not figure out why. She was weeping as they would not allow me in their home as I waited for my mom to come.

A neighbor saw me crying confused and explained to me what the girl had done for revenge so I strolled back to Jessica's home to tell her parents that the girl was lying and that I do not do drugs and could prove it if need be. That I came to get rid of the crowd that was depressing Jessica and that girl was the center of it and obviously, she made up those lies to try to win the battle to keep Jessica under her wing. She wanted to pawn her off to a guy to lose her virginity for drugs and money I found out years later.

Saving Jessica, saved myself as I had lost so much hope of having a friendship as strong as I did with the one that I had lost that lead me to that mental health hospital in the first place. She saved me by letting me help her shine and be the person she was supposed to be, a regular teenage girl with regular teenage girl problems.

She moved away for a few years and we talked on the phone quite a bit at first and then the calls started to stall more and more until it was a whole year since we had spoken. Then, one day she showed up and it was again like time never passed and the love and friendship we shared had not missed a moment in time. We caught up on any changes in our lives, new friends, boyfriends, school, and family.

If you have a friend like have where no matter how long you go without talking time means nothing do not forsake it, they were sent to you for a reason. She was sent to save me and for me to save her and in times we do it all over again. People come and go in our lives and we do not always realize the importance of each we meet having a purpose rather if it is small like a smile you needed or big like a lifelong friend.

Friendship Has No Boredom

Why My Story Is Relevant to Understanding the Importance of Lasting Friendship

While my story is one that may differ to others it is genuine to the point that some people are made just for us to help us through tough times with no judgment, no persecution, and true willingness to be there when you need them most. Find yourself a lasting friendship and be genuine with all you meet because you never know which person may give the same back and become the same for you. If you already have a friendship like this one, hold on to it, it is a true blessing that many wants.

How to Tell if They are One of Those Lasting Friends

  • makeup is not required around each other

  • your food is their food, including the fridge and pantry

  • knocking is not necessary

  • you change in front of them without hesitation

  • makeovers are hilarious past times

  • you do each other's hair and know exactly how they like it

  • bathroom breaks together is a must together

  • describing sexual aspects in your lives with details

  • you sing along to songs together and dance together

  • you call each other out regardless of feelings

  • talking about bowel habits

Gina Barreca Quote

"It's not that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds. It's your best friends who are supremely resilient, made under pressure and of astonishing value. They're everlasting; they can cut glass if they need to".

Truths about Friends

Do not let mistrust from the past hold you back from trusting those in the future. It is difficult to find a lasting friend if you cannot trust from the beginning. Some say trust is earned and yes that is true, but some slack, in the beginning, is always necessary just be cautious when it comes to lending or giving out information that could truly harm your lifestyle. Just like innocent until proven guilty, trust until you have been given a reason not to trust.

Table of Types of Friends and Conversations With Each That are Normal

Lasting Friend
Small Talk
Stress, Work Talk
Everything you feel, touch, taste, smell, sense
Stress, Work Talk
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Talk
Everyone you meet

True Friend Quote

Muhammad Ali Quote

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything."

My Experience and Knowledge Relevance

I have only had two lasting friends in my twenty-six years of life, one was taken from me by a tragedy at fifteen and the other became months later when I needed her as all my other friends had become lost friends to me after my first lasting friend passed away. I have many acquaintances that I speak to like co-workers, old friends, passers by in my life. I have many friends whom I do things with, but would not share certain information with. I have only one lasting friend with whom bears no judgment and I can tell anything and everything to. These friendships do not come easily they come when we need them and we must accept or reject them so when you are hurting and someone is reaching out let them in just a little to see if they could be that friend.

Funny Trust Me Friend Photo

Do You Have A Lasting Friendship?

I have someone with whom I can tell anything and fear no judgement.

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© 2017 Victoria Shay Marie Montgomery


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