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Bachelorette Party Ideas and Games

Updated on November 12, 2015
The bride with her maids in a hen party
The bride with her maids in a hen party | Source

Another name of a bachelorette party is “Hen’s Party”. In some parts of the British Islands it is called as the hen’s do. The term bachelorette party is common in the English speaking part of North America, namely USA and Canada. This type of parties is held for a woman who is about to got married. The party for the would-be groom is known as the bachelor party.

The concept of the bachelorette parties is surprisingly modern. Such a party was pretty uncommon even before the 90s. The root of such parties is the movements for gender equality and sexual freedom. A hen party is the answer to the groom’s bachelor party. Why does boys have all the fun?

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The All Women Concept

Generally, no male is been invited in a bachelorette party. The females of both the bride and groom’s side are invited. It is being arranged by the bridesmaids. They share the cost of the whole party between themselves. Everything about the party, the planning, decorations and invitations are done by them. Sometimes, the bride or the mother of the bride bears a part of the total cost.

Entertainment in a Bachelorette Party

Parties are for entertaining guests. In a bachelorette party, entertainment should be women centric. It is an opportunity to enjoy and share everything between you girls. The planning and execution of the events of the party is done mainly by the bridesmaids. But the bride and other parties may also be involved in it.

These parties are beautifully decorated. Specialists should be rented to do it for you. The themed parties are very popular. There could be interesting games. Gossips are the main interest of an all women bachelorette party.

A Karaoke bar or pub will be a nice place for a bachelorette party.
A Karaoke bar or pub will be a nice place for a bachelorette party. | Source

Fun Fact: Different Names of Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party is called in many different names in different parts of the English speaking world. In UK and Ireland it is called as Hen's Party, Hen's Do or Hen's Night. People in Australia and New Zealand also follows them. In South Africa it is called Girl's Night Out or Kitchen Tea. This party is often called as Stagette in Canada.

Some Bachelorette Party Ideas

You may go to a karaoke bar. A bar with a special party room will be the best. Drink, dance and sing to enjoy the day. You can do it yourself at another venue too with a good sound system, microphone and some bottles of booze.

A beach party will be royal if you can afford it. Book some place beside a fine sea beach, eat, drink and enjoy yourself at the beach. Play games at the sand and also in the water. It will be a great fun.

Not everyone likes the same thing. If you want it differently then you can arrange a bonfire in an appropriate place (a forest or wild area). Put your camps, burn some barbeque and enjoy every moment of it.

Going to a gay bar is a popular idea in a hen’s party. A gay bar often has male strippers. You may have one or two gay friends who will enjoy it most. But, if you are a bit religious type and do not approve gay marriages then please do not go to their.

The bridesmaids and the bride can go to spa for the occasion. Some bottle of champagnes, spa time and lunch in a great restaurant will be great to celebrate the event.

Bachelorette Party Games Video

Some Games for the Bachelorette Party

Every guest will have a ribbon tied on her hand. The would-be bride’s eyes will be tied with a bandana. After that the guests will go to the bride and shake hands with her. She will open one or two guests ribbon from her/ their hand/hands. Then the victim(s) will have to buy drinks for everyone.

The lingerie guessing game is a very popular one. The guests will bring lingerers for the bride. These will be hanged on a wall. The bride will guess who bought which one. For each right answer, the guest who has bought it should have to sip once from a glass of wine and for each wrong answer, the bride will do so.

Acting as the bride’s ex-boyfriends and crushes by the guests is a very funny idea. The rolls of the earlier boyfriends should be played with accuracy to generate fun and laughter.

Bachelorette parties were not popular before the 1960s. It is related with gender equality movements.

Quizzes are the most popular games for such parties. One idea of a fun quiz is tallying answers of the bride and the groom. You need to ask the groom via email to answer some of the questions like what is his favorite brands, drinks, movies etc. Then ask the bride the same questions at the party and tally the answers with that of the groom’s.

Here is another fun game idea for the bachelorette party. For that you need to have a bag full of some small items. You may keep exactly ten items. Then you will print some sheets with the name of 15 items. Your guests will write their names in each sheet and tick any ten items. At last, the answers will be checked to find out who have guessed the best.

The bridesmaids arrange a hen party.
The bridesmaids arrange a hen party. | Source

The Cost of a Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party can be costly or quiet cheap. It depends upon your planning. Generally, everyone minus the bride pays for the party. So, the costs are equally divided among the guests. For a good party with unlimited drinks, eating outs and such fun activities, $50 per head is enough for a group of ten to fifteen girls. But if you do something special like going to the spas or dining in over costly restaurants, then the costs may soar high to sky.


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      4 years ago

      Please do NOT go to a gay bar for a bachelorette party unless the bride(s) are gay. Many gay people find it invasive, rude and insensitive.


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