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The Top 5 Women to Not Date

Updated on March 19, 2013

The Top 5 Women to Not Date

The Top 5 Women to Not Date
The Top 5 Women to Not Date | Source

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The Top 5 Women to Not Date

The top 5 different types of women to not date are not going backwards in my thinking. It is moving forward. There are certain types of women you might want to be aware of that can cause you much pain. Whether it is mental or visual, you don’t want to go here. I stand up for my man hood and love being a man. I would hate to be women with men like me out there. I confuse the heck out of women. I don’t try; I just don’t know what I want out of a relationship and men you must think about this also. It is important to know what you’re involving yourself into when dating. There is much fun to be had in dating and a serious side also. Take this as you might want to look at dating these types of women. Here are the top five women not to date!

1) The almighty drama queen. This person is already for you to listen to her whining and pessimistic qualms about her life and your relationship. She is ready to find discomfort whether in knowing that all is doomed or just being negative and emotional. It is best to stay away from this type of women in dating. They are filled with conflicts, arguments and you don’t want to go there even for one date. Her strong reaction to even the slightest provocation is a mere danger to your style. The best way to tell if a women is like this is by testing her to see if she freaks out to the smallest incident. She will be nailed in a heartbeat as a drama queen if she starts falling apart.

2) The want to be married already women. Yes, I know they all want to be married, but the extreme case is the women who are consistently looking at wedding magazines. They have to go into a bridal shop when you’re out at the mall. They are forever planning their marriage and maybe not even to you. These women think they are compatible the moment they meet you and ready to take to the altar. This type of women has already planned out your marriage and how many kids she is going to have and you have not had but one or two dates. Be very cautious of these bridal babes. Keep in mind it is healthy to want to be married and in due time, yet there are extreme cases where this single lady has figured out the color of your Tuxedo based on your eyes.

3) Guys, I tell you we are in a battle zone so please pay close attention to this one. The Debra downer. Oh yes, she is the one that will drag you down with her depression and no you can’t change her. The girl needs help before you even consider getting close to her. Be her friend, or not. Depression can be contagious and rub off on you. This is a time in your life when happiness and sex and looking nice are all about. Having an upbeat personality is needed even at its worse moments. Debra downer shows by not being excited about much of anything that you want to do. She is always making excuses as to why she does not want to venture any further than her living area of her house. She will depress you if you stick around long. Bad news with Debra downer.

4) The gold digger is one we are all familiar with. Hopefully your still thinking with your head. Yes on your shoulders and keeping the wallet semi-open to possibilities. She is easy to spot, one of the first things this girl notices is your car, Life is not fair though she will base her opinion of you because of your vehicle. She will not care about you from the inside and if you seem to have a lot of money to throw around , she will be there helping. Some guys like this kind of girl. Like I said , these are five groups of women not to date. I did inform you and you are aware now of these money sucking ladies. It does not matter what age you are either, so use your head and be mindful of your expenses with certain women.

5) The final of my list of five women not to date is the, “Succubus” .This is the evil women. The one that will bite your head off and spit it on the dirt. Yes, just like a devilish character she is, beware of this fabled creature. The, “Succubus women”, is a demon who takes the form of beautiful women and seduces and destroys him. She will use you, spend your money, and take advantage of everything you enjoy in life. She will blame you for cheating, lying and dreadful things to make your life miserable. This woman can be hard to detect as she is like a snake slithering and slyly trying to manipulate you into her world. There really is this type of person. Please look this up on the internet. Very interesting when I started my research on this area for men.

Well here we are now, five types of women not to date. There are some that are more serious than others. I am sure the women have the same for men. I don’t care. I am addressing the male audience and letting them know that my discovery is for real, and I actually studied this. I love women of all types and shapes and personalities. God makes us as he sees fit. We can change our situations and who we date. Please do not wait until your married to decide to end a relationship. Then we have a whole new class of people to talk about. Enjoy your dates and please comment below about this article.


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    • PaoloJpm profile image

      John Paolo B.Magdaluyo 4 years ago from Philippine

      Oh men, "Drama Queen" SUCKS! I really hate it when its out of the box. I mean, its not relevant anymore, yet, she keep on turning back. But, sometime, I like it too cause that's the time when cuddling starts.

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 4 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Agreed and Thank You

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 3 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Yes you are right on target. Thank You

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