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Updated on May 30, 2015

do good stay good

Many a times we pray to god to make things in our favour but do we ever realise could praying can ever make a difference! Talking to the point , rather considering example , if we behave rudely , if we beat someone or betray some one , than how can we expect the other person to act godly or stay nice at the next meetiing! It clearly makes sense even to the dumbest.If you expect something good from others than you at first better be good to them!

Seemingly similar everyday situation; people try to bring others flaw up (didnt caring what they are upto!) , but do they ever thought that could it do anything good to them or to the situation.Obviously no. But if they look to the other side , like instead of taking notes of other fault , finding solution could be worth . And most importantly they can try to learn a lesson from it to get the things unscrewed the next time beforehand.

It sometimes depends on ones insight too. It depends on how we look at things . A well cultured man will definately carry a different point of view than any one of the criminals in jail! If you the the thinK good , you can find the goodness in the worst and wierdset of the situation and if you are bad than it hardly matters how good the things are!
So if one wants to lead a healthy life and a healthy relationship than one must better do good to himself than to check out on others.


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