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Why Do Men/Women Get Psycho When A Relationship Fails

Updated on January 22, 2010

Why Do Men/Women Get Psycho When A Relationship Fails

Ok, so you meet that special someone who sweeps you off your feet. The whole fairytale nine yards story. Boy meets girl or vice versa, falls deeply in love and then everything is ok with the world.(Rightttttt or so you would like to think).Then before you know it, right before your eyes, this person does a complete 360 on you, leaves you wondering "what happened to the person I fell in love with, this individual in front of me is not who I fell in love with, I have no idea who he/she is". They have so deeply fallen that it is now borderline obsessive/possesive behaviour. Two characteristics that no one person should have. It should be either or neither, but never together. That is a time bomb waiting to happen, and trust me it will happen, with a hell of a explosion too.
So your Prince/Princess Charming now becomes a stalker. Then routine which was not a problem before now becomes a major issue. First of all, the calls are endless. You are now restricted to where you can go, who you can see, which parties/clubs you can go to. All of a sudden your friends are not good enough anymore. He/She does not want you hanging out with them, wants to be everywhere you are. Just showing up on a whim, with some sorry ass excuse, whether it be you not answering the phone or baby I just miss you and wanted to surprise you. You may put up with it for a while because remember this is the person who swept you off your feet and took you so way up in the clouds, that you are oblivious to everything else around you. But, you can do so much and no more. After a while naturally your whole demeanor is going to be altered around this person, you are not going to be comfortable anymore. You start holding back, don’t want to communicate or be in the same space with them anymore. Everything becomes a problem or nuisance to you, as it relates to them. Of course they are blinded to what they are doing. In their warped minds they are not doing anything wrong. The only thing they are guilty of is showering you with endless amounts of "love and devotion". They can’t see why you wouldn’t appreciate all of this. For them, now, in their narrow minds they start conjuring up ideas/questions as to why you are not being receptive. They think of all the negativities. At the forefront is: you must be seeing someone else, you don’t love them anymore, they are not good enough, etc etc. All the pessimism that you can think of to justify why their love is not being reciprocated. They are unable to think logically or put anything into perspective as they are so consumed with whatever notion they have in their heads of being so in love with you.
This is where it becomes really crazy and may even get physical to the point that you may just have to get the police involved. They will do any and everything just to get your attention without even thinking that it maybe to their detriment. I don’t know but it seems to me that the more you try to get rid of or ignore a person, is the more they gravitate towards you. You can only hope that he/she will just give up, and get over it. For you, of course, just don’t want to fall in love anymore. This whole psycho crazy thing has left an indelible mark on your heart and also on your brain, making you never want to fall in love again.



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