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7 Simple Quick and Dirty Ways to Get a Girl(s) to Like You

Updated on April 22, 2015

Before We Begin

This isn't going to a a long guide telling how to get girls. This isn't any long method telling you to change your personality and your personal style in order to attract a particular female(or females) of the opposite sex. These are simple but nonetheless very effective "tricks" you can use to make yourself more appealing and get girls to have a genuine interest in you. Let's get down to it.

7 Ways To Make Girls Like You

1. Be Confident

You are not gonna attract a women when you're unsure of yourself. How in the world is a girl going to know that she wants you if you don't even show that you know what you want. There's a reason men are called the aggressive dominant gender. To show your masculinity you have to sure that you can take control of a situation; that you are sure of yourself and know what you are about. From the mouth of a female, " Even if I'm not genuinely interested in or physically attracted to a guy, if he shows confidence that's a major pull factor." Many studies also back the one. Pull yourselves together guys.

2. Language is Key

If you really want a girl thinking about you, you have to make them thing you're thinking about them. The thing is, girls loved to be confused(they'll never admit this). You gave to use words like "we" and "our" and "us". You gave to suggest the possibility of y'all being "together" in a mild way but never go outright and say you want you and her to be together. That's a sure way to get laughed at, ignored or worse used. Also don't do it excessively but say her name at the beginning of your sentences especially when messaging. "Mary, why do you want to know". A girl wants to know that you ate their centre of attention. Be sure to know this method takes time but is a great way to get s girl thinking about you.


3. Be Interesting

A girl can't be attracted to you if you have nothing to be attracted to. Not everyone is buff and manly and even so most times this isn't enough too. Even girls who want a fling need to know they aren't involved with a brainless rock. First off you have to have a decently interesting life to share with the girl. If you don't think off the most interesting things you've done or do and roll with that. Do not lie. Lying always fails; girls can pick up on that very quickly too. Most important however is to be an interesting person you have to be interested in her. But a delicate balance must be meet. Too much of you and you come off as self-absorbed which is a major turn-off. Too interested in her and you'd come off as a creep; also a major turn-off.

4. Show Your Emotional Side

When I sat this I don't mean cry and whimper and all that stuff. I mean show her you can care. It doesn't make sense for her to like you if she sees you don't even gave the emotional capacity to care. This is a bit tricky seeing as you can't go telling her stories about how nice you are else you'll just look like a douche. However you can share stuff with her, not too personal or else you'll look like you want or need pity. You start with small things and how you feel about it and little by little go into bigger things. Show her that you trust her. Then she'll start to trust you. Let her share with you her life. It will start off small but gradually it will get there. This is a sure way to know if she is getting feelings.

5. Body Language

This one does quite come under the category of plain language and need a whole sectiob for itself. When passing by her, when talking to her be sure to make eye contact. It shouldn't be to brief so she'll think it's an accident or too long so it's plain weird. Just for about 2-3 seconds you should hold it. Again you wanna get her thinking that you're thinking off her. Don't sag your shoulder, puff your chest out a bit and show your masculine site. She won't feel sorry for you and start to like you if you look like a wimp. You are a man so be a man. Lastly, try to smile when you see her. This can work wonders. Women are not likely to speak and open up to stone-faced gorillas. Always be aware of what you communicate by your actions.

6. Give Her Attention

You are gonna want to take time to talk to her and get to know her. However don't take to much time. If you overdo it she'll think you're too desperate and too little time she won't get to know you and hence be able to like you. Always a fine balance. Have her enticed by a conversation and cut it short a bit before she can have her fill. Always leave her wanting more!

7. Patience

Different girls require slightly different and different times you get to know you, to open up and to like you. You will NOT get anywhere rushing anything with a girl. Always let it happen in its own time. Jumping the gun can lead to rejection with a girl who could have otherwise liked you, trust me.

Last Few Pointers

Follow this guide well and you are sure to make some headway in getting the girl you want. And remember lying and pretending gets you nowhere. If you think being yourself gets you nowhere, simply become a better version of yourself.


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