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Unlocking Your Wife's Happiness

Updated on January 21, 2015

These are some secret keys I want men to have, understand and at the same time make use of them in order to have a blissful marriage relationship with their partner.

1. Always remind your wife how much you love her. Most men might think that it is not necessary; must I continue to remind her? The answer is “YES” it is essential to always tell her time without number “I love you” those three words are very important to every woman. There is a need for you as her husband to always assure her of her of much you love and care about her. Whenever you say those three words to your wife; you are keeping that butterfly in her stomach flying and that is what refreshes her emotional state and as well keeps your love life and the relationship between both of you alive. Just try as much as you can to constantly say those three words to her because she needs to be sure all the time that you still love her.

2. Appreciation is another wonderful key to unlock your wife’s happiness. Appreciate her each time she dresses up, do you know that when you do that she will put on a smiling face throughout that very day, even when another person showed some dislike for her dressing, do you know what she will tell that person? “If you don’t like it at least my husband/spouse said that it is fabulous” and that settles the case because what another person said will never intimidate her that very day simply because the person that matters in her life appreciated her.

Thank her for keeping the house neat and tidy, and appreciate her for taking good care of the children. Do not forget to tell her how delicious or tasty the food she prepared for you is especially whenever she prepared your favourite. Some men are good at commenting on their wives food when they mistakenly prepare a bad dish, you will hear them complaining ‘madam this soup is too salty or there is too much pepper in this rice’ even when it is salty or whatever, show some appreciation.

Even when the soup is salty or what have you, let her know in a polite way, why not tell her something like; “darling this soup is delicious but it is a little bit salty” you know, she will understand and next time she will be more careful. I want to tell you that if you don’t appreciate her, she will grow from worse to worst because there is a saying that “if you do not appreciate what you have it will depreciate”.

3. Acceptance is another fantastic key to your wife’s heart. As her husband/spouse, do not compare her with your colleague in the office, or your neighbour’s wife because when you do, you are causing damages in her and as well in your marriage. Do not expect her to cook or do things the way or manner, in which your mother or any other person does things accept and accommodate her the way she is, let her be herself. And if at all there is any of her character (s) or attitude you want her to get rid of, don’t expect her to change such attitude automatically or over night, give her some time, if she is a respectable and a humble wife, with time she will adjust to your taste.

Do not attempt to pressurize her and also do not nag but with love and tenderness, which you will show her definitely she will change because no woman would want to loose her husband especially the one who love her so much. Let assume you presses your tooth past from the bottom while your wife does not mind pressing it from the middle or anywhere she likes, just understand that two of you are two people from different background therefore instead of nagging or comparing her to your siblings, exercise patience with her, you can as well correct her amicably.



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  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Susan its my pleasure, thanks for your comment, I appreciate you.

  • Susan Trump profile image

    Susan Trump 2 years ago from San Diego, California

    A very sweet piece Benny. Thanks for following.


  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Jodah thanks so much for reading my hub and also for your kind feedback, I appreciate you.

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

    Hi Benny, thanks for the follow, and welcome to Hub Pages. You have some interesting hubs and this one offers good advice for a happy marriage. Well done.

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 4 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Thanks @ Sijo1

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 6 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    @ SIJO1 Thanks for reading my hub.

    @ alahiker28 I am happy that you stop by to read my hub, thanks.

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 7 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    I wonder why some men does not treat their wife with respect.

  • alahiker28 profile image

    Vicki Parker 7 years ago from the Deep South

    Good tips and that's from a woman's perspective!!!

  • SIJO1 profile image

    SIJO1 7 years ago

    Hi Benny01 and welcome to hubpages, i like your first hub and it points out some god points. Also trust is very important also.Hub up!!!