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Best Dating Apps You Must Try To Find Your Partner

Updated on October 15, 2016

Before settling for the so called Mr or Mrs. Right, one needs to have had as many dates as possible as this gives a wide variety to choose from.

In this modern world, people are busy and this has greatly affected social lives. Meeting new people has become a serious problem and this is what necessitated the development of dating sites and, later on, dating applications.

Dating apps are becoming more popular because they can even be used on mobile devices. The most common applications that have been tested and tried over time include:


This App is supported by both Android devices and iOS. It has a huge number of users and this can be attributed to the simplicity of its features. They have remained a favorite to many for a long time and this is because they keep updating their tools to fit the current trends.

Most people find it easier to get dates here because it categorizes people based on their religion, location and lifestyle, and then give a percentage match such that users are able to know if they stand a chance. It also offers a premium subscription option that comes with even more features.

When using OkCupid, your account is integrated with Instagram where you are able to meet even more people. It allows you to take personality quizzes and gives the option of making the results public, making it easier for you to be located by the right person. These were the latest technology news.


This is another dating plateform that is supported by both Android and iOS operating systems. It is famous for giving its users a chance to make judgments about their suitors by not giving out too much information.

There all you need to do is create your profile and include very minimal information describing yourself and upload a few photos then leave the rest for your potential dates to guess. The best part of this is the fact that it even gives you suggestions based on your location. May not be wearable technology, but certainly is in within the same range of popularity.

When you become interested in knowing a person more, it prompts you to swipe photo to the right and if the other person responds in the same way, then the chat box opens to allow you to talk further.


This dating application uses Facebook profiles to link up people in an attempt to do away with the randomness associated with online dating.

Hinge is able to scrutinize mutual friends on Facebook and make suggestions based on this. When signing up, you give the app permission to access your Facebook profile, but it also gives you the chance to set up your preferences, gender, age, and location.

According to news, this app gives updates on potential partners every day and since these are people you might know in real life, it reduces the chance of being pranked, as is common with online dating.


Hitch app as the name suggests allows your friends to hook you up and this is based on the assumption that they know you better.

Just like Hinge, it is also built on Facebook profiles but the difference here is that for Hitch, it is your friends who are doing the match making. In case, you like someone whom you share a mutual friend with, you can request the friend to hook you up.

Initially, you are only able to access minimal information such as gender and age and the identity of the mutual friend. If both of you show interest, then a message is sent to both parties requesting permission to reveal more.

This is another online dating application that allows users to sign up, upload photos and initiate online flirting using emojies.

Here users get new matches on a daily basis and this is available on both the free and paid subscriptions. Subscribing is, however, advantageous since it gives you a chance to see who has been perusing through your profile.

This website has undergone various improvements over time to include wearable tech breakthroughs such as integration with the Android and Apple watches making it easier for users to get updates in real time.


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