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5 Best Gifts for Pregnant Wife for Under $100

Updated on May 11, 2014

Firstly, it’s very thoughtful of you to want to buy gifts for your pregnant wife so kudos on that. Not many men think of doing such sweet things when their wives are pregnant.

Some people, when looking to buy gifts for pregnant women think advanced and get gifts for the soon to be born baby.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, but it’s not like she can fit into the baby’s clothes or play with the baby toys right?

My point is, put your wife as the main priority here and get something for her that she will love whilst pregnant.

These 5 gift ideas are handpicked by me, nop I didn’t pick things I thought were pretty or nice but what real pregnant women liked as gifts from their husbands.

NO 1: Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Featured Pregnancy Pillow on Amazon

Super Hit with Pregnant Women (Available in 4 colors)

Do you have any idea how tired and sore her legs will be during pregnancy? Not just her legs, her hips, back, shoulders and everything will feel as if she’s running for the Marathon every day.

The pain and tiredness will get worse as she moves into the next trimesters. Your wife will or probably already has lost her sleep for many days due to this body ache.

Haven’t you noticed her turning from side to side or staying awake like an owl because she just can’t sleep comfortably?

Traditional body pillows simply aren't very helpful in this case and that’s when you need a super comfortable thing like this Pregnancy pillow featured above.

Key Features:

  1. Body contouring/Lumbar Support: It will contour to your wife’s body perfectly and allows her belly to rest in ease on the pillow.
  2. Full back support: Nice cushiony back support so no more back pain for her.
  3. Baby support: It doesn't just support the mother but will also support the baby while nursing.
  4. Zipper: You can easily remove the pillow to wash the cover.
  5. Easy Turning: Pregnant women who used this pillow love that they don’t have to switch the pillow from one side to the other because it will turn with them since it contours to their body.

What are customers saying about it?

It has received over 500 positive feed backs and 4-5* ratings from customers. Most of them are pregnant ladies and new mothers. Here are a few of their interesting comments:

I have not had any hip pain since I started sleeping with this pillow. I used to ache for at least an hour after waking up and even limped sometimes because the pain was so bad. Now, I wake up feeling great!”

“I've been using this pillow for 2 weeks and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! It provides a head pillow, pillow support for my back, my belly, and for my legs all in one.”

The pillow is nothing short of amazing. I loved it and slept like a baby for the first time in 5 months. I would definitely recommend this pillow to any expectant mother.”

You can read their original reviews and more feedbacks on the product page (link above).

NO 2: Mambino Organics Mommy Care Pack

A gift that shows you care about her self esteem.

Have you ever noticed your wife looking at the mirror with an unhappy face about the condition of her skin or the marks on her belly and legs?

It’s that time of her life when she probably will not feel as pretty as she used to because of the few extra pounds she may have put on or because of the marks.

What does she need? This Mambino organic mommy care pack! It has won the award for ‘Top 10 Must have Pregnancy Products’ by Disney Editors.

It will take care of her skin from head to toe. This care pack will not only help her to get rid of stretch marks but also tone and improve the texture of her skin tone. It’s like a treat for them during and after pregnancy.

You have to read what the ladies who've used this product are saying about it. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“My skin looks great and this stuff smells so good. I notice I didn't get many stretch marks and now after baby my skin is bouncing back. LOVE it!”

“If you know someone that is expecting, this makes an incredible gift. My wife uses at least one of the products daily.”

NO 3: Pretty Pushers Women's Cotton Labor Gown (8 Colors)

Available in 8 beautiful colors/designs.
Available in 8 beautiful colors/designs.

Featured Dress on Amazon

She can look stunning even during labor.

Who said pregnant women can’t look beautiful when they’re rushing to the hospital to give birth? If you get your wife a labor gown like this, she will look absolutely stunning!

I’m not exaggerating here, this dress has received compliments from hospital staffs as well as the women who wore them. She or he said this gown was way more comfortable than the “ridiculous gowns we otherwise have.” You can read their feedback on the product page.

Key Features:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Tie neck halter: easy to breathe and nurse the baby comfortably.
  • Low cut back: Easy access to the back when necessary.
  • Frontal opening: Easy access to the belly area.

NO 4: Willow Tree Home

Featured Willow Tree Home on Amazon

Some women love sentimental gifts over diamond rings!

Yes, how can any gift list be complete without a sentimental item? Some ladies love sweet and sentimental gifts over anything.

If your wife is one of them, even if she isn't, she will not fail to appreciate the beauty of this willow tree figurine.

Hand sculpted by Susan Lordi, these figurines are created in a unique way that the message they deliver is expressed through gestures only.

As for this one, your wife will most likely perceive the emotional bonding you have with her and for your baby inside her. It is plain adorable!

What are the customers saying about it?

You will hardly see any negative feedback for this item. It has over 70 positive feedbacks and 4-5* ratings from customers. Here’s what some of them are saying:

I love these figurines! I bought this one for my expecting sister for Christmas, and she loved it!”

You can't go wrong with these!”

“Made my wife cry. She loved this more than I could say.”

Read their original feedbacks and more on the product page.

NO 5: PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

Featured Foot Spa on Amazon

Something to soothe her tired feet.

Remember we talked about tired and sore legs earlier? What else will help your pregnant wife to get relief from that? A nice cozy foot spa of course!

Just imagine her reaction when she soaks her feet into this warm foot spa. . . Can you see her smiling with a sign of relief on her face? Make it happen.

Foot spa is yet another super cool gift that pregnant women will sure appreciate.

Key Features:

  • Easy Operation
  • Spacious
  • Fast/long heating
  • Vibrate with heat mode/Water massage with heat mode

What are customers saying about this one?

I've got to say this is one of the best foot spas you will find on Amazon with more positive feedback than any negatives. One of the most frequent complaint about other Foot Spas is that the water hardly heats up but with this one, it’s the opposite case.

Customers love how fast it heats up and actually stays warm. They also seem to love how spacious the tub is for people with large foot size.

Another birthday gift for my wife. She absolutely loves this thing.”

Your best bet on a foot bath”

Great for tired overworked feet!”

Read their original feedbacks and more on the product page.

Vote for your favorite gift here.

Which one of these gifts for pregnant wife did you like the best?

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