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8 Best Books for Starting PUA's!!!

Updated on January 22, 2013

What Does He Have that You Don't?!

When you see an average looking man walking past you, holding your ideal women next to him, I'm sure you ask yourself, " What does he have that I don't?"

The majority of men immediately think its about money.

Having lots and lots of money could give you a better status obviously, but is money what the girls are really after? or is it your status?

The status of a leader, a protector of his loved ones. The status of a man wanted by other women, a man that could easily slip through her fingers!

Women love to chase when giving the option to, and they chase what they believe they still do not have. Which in this case could be YOU!

Everyone Wants What they Don't Have or think they can't have! SPECIALLY WOMEN!

There are many arts and abilities to master in this world, but could you imagine mastering the art and ability to attract any woman, at any given moment, and finally understand WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT?!

If I could copy and paste everything I learned, practiced, and accomplished with women right here for you, I WOULD!!! But even then I know you would rather learn from the Pros, so here are top books by some of the best Venusian Artists (Pick Up Artists) who have created successful systems and guides on how to really understand women, and know what they truly desire from men!

You could make it happen!

HAVE IN MIND that there are many systems out there on how to pick up women and most of them work! The hard part is not finding a system, but instead finding the system you feel most comfortable with. A guide you feel could imprint in your mind and become a natural behavior with great practice.

Practice is key Gentlemen! Good Luck!

The Game

This was the first book I ever read on having excellent game with women. Very up to date and a huge eye opener on the things you've been doing right and wrong. With this book you will learn quickly what you should have been doing with women. If there is any book to start out with. THIS IS THE ONE!

Neil Strauss - Author of "The Game"

Rules of The Game

This book is a 30 day, A-Z guide on how to practice approaching and interacting with women. Following the challenges in "Rules of The Game" could definitely give you that confidence you've been searching for!

Neil Strauss on "Rules of The Game"

The Mystery Method

This book was created by the strangest looking man on this planet, but when it comes to women, he knows his stuff! Mystery is his name and he is one of the world's first and greatest pick up artists yet. This book teaches you more then just picking up women! It answers questions you had all your life!

Author "Mystery" on Jimmy Kimmel Show!

Cocky Comedy

David DeAngelo, one of the most successful and known men in the pick up artist community. Angelo teaches those men who think their gods that its aright to give off that vibe as long as you follow it with a little humor. Let the girl know you don't really think your a god and take yourself so seriously! If you know your one of those guys that likes to be a little cocky sometimes, these dvd's are the cherries on top for you!

David De Angelo - Dating Advice

Art of Seduction

Lets say you have the guts to approach a beautiful women, and have a great deep conversation with a her. Then What? You have the social, you have the comfort, but without SEDUCTION you miss all the real fun! You mite even get her number without seduction, but if you want to close the deal you need to learn the "Art of Seduction".


Below are books that do not only concentrate on women, but instead help you to be your best self out there in the field. To learn not only to win, but to CONQUER!

See these books as your utility belt when in need!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      The Game is a great book to start your pick up adventures. It's written like a story. A man who was shy and changed his mindset. You get sucked into the story. You feel it and you want to change too.

      You'll get to know the gurus and which non-pick up books you should read. For example, Mastering Your Hidden Self.

    • dvir0776 lm profile image

      dvir0776 lm 5 years ago

      Cool stuff, thanks for making that interesting lens :)