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5 Creative Ideas for the Fabulous Marriage Proposal

Updated on January 7, 2021
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I run an event business, so I am well-versed in the planning process of all kinds of events

Marriage Proposal Ideas
Marriage Proposal Ideas

How to Ask For Her Hand in Marriage

Every girl, even the most pragmatic, wishes to be proposed beautifully. Therefore, it is very important to approach this issue responsibly, to show imagination and talents, knowledge of the beloved's tastes and just pay special attention to her.

In this article, we suggest several proposal scenarios. Some of them will cost a pretty penny. But we are sure, that you will not spare money for such a significant event for your beloved. Each of ways has the right to your consideration.

Universal Formula of Marriage Proposal

There is no universal way to make the best proposal because each girl has individual traits of character, favourite activities or phobias. One loves extreme, the other one is afraid of heights. Some girl may be allergic to the ingredients of which the cake with a ring inside is made. Another one can't stand the surprises. A lot of personal aspects must be taken into account to determine the way of proposing.

If any unforeseen circumstances appear, always try to use them for yourself, not just ignore them!

Scenario #1 Date on Top of The Mountain With Helicopter Flight

Proposal in the Mountains
Proposal in the Mountains | Source

How to Pop the Question at High Altitude

If your girlfriend is not afraid of heights, this way is perfect for you! You can find step-by-step instruction below:

  1. Check the weather forecast for the chosen date. The flight can be made even in the rain, but dating in the mountains will not be comfortable.
  2. Order a helicopter at a specific time. Discuss in advance all questions concerning the landing site in the mountains. The platform should be smooth and large.
  3. Ask your friends or professional event organizers to prepare the place of the proposal itself: decorated table for two, flower arrangements, a small snack. This must be done immediately before your arrival, as you need to guarantee a decent view of the place for a date. Moreover, when the date is over and you go back, they must clean up everything that remains.
  4. Blindfold the girlfriend, tell her that surprise is waiting for her and bring her to the helipad.
  5. If you decide to make a proposal during the flight, you can also ask your friends to put out the huge words “Marry me,” determining in advance where you will fly at the time of X. This looks very impressively.
  6. If you want to capture this memorable day, order the photographer to the date's place. Let him get there in advance.
  7. After landing, choose the right moment, stand on one knee and say the cherished words.
  8. Enjoy a wonderful romantic date.
  9. Think in advance about how you will get home. Ideally by helicopter. If there is a road, you can order a transfer.

Scenario #2 Romantic Proposal Idea: Quest for Your Future Bride

The Best Way to Say Marry Me
The Best Way to Say Marry Me

How to Arrange the Quest for Your Beloved

To organize a large-scale quest, you will need the help of professional actors. A more budget option is to ask friends.

  • Make a detailed script describing each step of your sweetheart.
  • Choose a place symbolic for your relationship, let the girlfriend come there and one of the actors will hand her a note indicating the next step.
  • When writing the script, remember all the details of your love story. They can include important phrases, people, places, memories. All these facts should somehow be present in the romantic quest.
  • If you invite a photographer and videographer to the quest, pass the girl a note with the words: "The photographer and the operator will be your shadow today, don t pay attention to them and smile!"
  • Actors can pretend to be simple passers-by or become for example a huge plush dancing toy.
  • At the final stage, you can arrange a flash mob. Let everyone around you dance or stand in the huge words "marry me". And at this moment you will take out a box with a ring.
  • At the end of the quest, arrange a romantic dinner for your bride in the restaurant.

If you develop your perfect proposal on your own, don't be full of exploring websites about love, honouring the classic of love confessions and listening to your girlfriend's favourite songs. The more touching words and melodies you involve, the more soulful your act will be!

Scenario #3 A Movie About Your Love On a Cinema Screen

Your Love Story in the Cinema is the Best Way to Propose
Your Love Story in the Cinema is the Best Way to Propose

Steps to Pop the Question in Cinema

  1. Shoot a movie about your love story. In the video, sincerely describe how important this person is to you, how much you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Let her favourite music playing in the background of your speech. As a location for filming, you can choose the place where you met or kissed for the first time. Tell the girlfriend why you respect and appreciate her. Describe the most touching moments in your relationship. The video may not be too long, the main thing is to convey your feelings on the screen.
  2. Transfer movie to the format, required for cinema.
  3. Arrange an individual show of your film at the local cinema. In the hall, you naturally should be alone.
  4. Invite your girlfriend to the cinema.
  5. Buy flowers, alcohol in advance (if the cinema allows) and do not forget the ring. Agree with the cinema staff at what time they will bring flowers. You can arrange the launch of balloons from a grid fixed on the ceiling of the cinema hall.
  6. After a touching film, solemnly give the girlfriend a ring. Provide in advance what music will play at this moment.

Scenario #4 Proposal Idea: Flight in a Balloon

Proposal in Hot Air Balloon
Proposal in Hot Air Balloon

Instruction for Organizing Proposal in the Sky

  1. Book a balloon flight. Be sure to take into account the forecast weather conditions, since even if there is sunny weather, but a strong wind rises, you will have to change plans. Currently, there are different shapes of hot air balloons. For such a romantic event, you can choose a balloon in the shape of a heart.
  2. Bring the blindfolded girl to the place of flight.
  3. The pilot will be pre-instructed about your plan and will create conditions for comfortable proposing and saying the most important words.
  4. Give your beloved a ring and say a touching oath, no one can resist such a manifestation of feelings!

Scenario #5 Propose to Her Under the Northern Lights

Proposal Under the Polar Lights
Proposal Under the Polar Lights

A Fairy Tale Come True Under Spectacular Aurora Borealis

If your girlfriend is an avid traveller, do not miss your chance to really surprise her: ask her hand in marriage under the northern lights. Where to do it? This excellent Hub can help you to choose a place for magic proposal under the Northen Lights.

The glow, often called "aurora borealis", occurs at night when the sky is dark. It resembles a magical dance of light in the night sky, and the colour palette changes from green to blue, pink and purple.

The most difficult part of this scenario is to catch the moment when the sky will be flooded with amazing colours.

The best way is to go on a joint vacation to those places and at that time of year, when the northern lights often happen, and wait for the right moment, always carrying a box with a ring in your pocket.

You can even arrange a real campsite: spend the night in a tent under the northern sky, wrap yourself in one sleeping bag for two, warm yourself with hot chocolate, conduct romantic conversations away from the hectic weekdays.

Your future bride will forever remember this vacation and will show off her creative groom on every occasion.

Some Ways to Ruin Excellent Proposal Idea

In the end, let's talk about how you should not ask her hand in marriage.

  1. Do not propose at someone else's wedding or any other holiday. On this important day, it is you and your bride who should be the centre of attention.
  2. Be careful with the proposal after sex. Your girlfriend can think that the idea of getting married is caused by hormones and the pleasure, and not by real intentions and the desire to spend a lifetime together.
  3. Another common mistake is to interfere in the relations of your relatives. It is commendable that you want to demonstrate serious intentions. But a girl who is not well acquainted with them will surely feel uncomfortable under the probing glances of your relatives.
  4. Do not hide the ring in food or drink. This method is very popular because of the many films, but agree, that the ring found in a piece of cake looks unaesthetic. In addition, there is a great risk of spending the rest of the evening in the hospital.
  5. Don't worry too much. The marriage proposal is one of the main points in your relationship. At the same time, your appearance should express determination and confidence. It will be a shame if your speech is confused and slurred and you cannot properly convey your feelings to your beloved.

How to Make Your Sweetheart the Happiest Bride of All

Of course, any way of asking her hand in marriage requires thinking overall organizational issues, spare scenarios and possible misses. But you want to make this day unforgettable, don't you? Just imagine with what trepidation you, already an elderly couple, will remember this day in 50 years! So go for it! It all depends on you.

As soon as the approval of the bride is obtained, you can start planning the wedding. And in order to successfully organize the ceremony and enjoy it, you can read this article.

Touching Story of One Couple


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