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Best Unity Candle Ceremony Ideas

Updated on October 23, 2014
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Secrets To Memorable Unity Candle Ceremonies

More and more, unity candle ceremonies are becoming a memorable part of many weddings. This significant addition to your ceremony celebrates the joining of a man and a woman as one. There are different ways to celebrate the unity of you as huband and wife. In some cases , the mothers of the bride and groom, or other feales of the family light the tapers before the actual wedding. You can also allow the moms to actually light the unity candle, joining both your families as one, rather than having an actual ceremony.There are a few options you can consider when adding this to your wedding. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are celebrating a special anniversary, why not add a unity candle ceremony to your celebration

You may really want to think about having a unity ceremony in the outdoors...On a windy day, the candles are going to be difficult to handle

History Of The Unity Candle

How The Unity Candle Tradition Started

Long ago when the world relied on candlelight, the tradition of the unity candle started. Often the wedding ceremony was held after an evening meal, so each family brought their to the event in the form of a candle. The bride and groom would light a new candle of their own with the lights from their families signifying the start of a new family.

The more modern version of this ceremony has the mothers of the bride and groom lighting the tapers before the ceremony. The bride and groom then lights the larger pillar candle with the tapers. It is a wonderful traditional tradition that most couples continue

Light your unity candles before the ceremony and then blow them out. They will be easier to light later.

How To Chose A Unity Candle

Your unity candle is a statement about your style. It is the attention to detail that counts. The right unity candle is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

  1. Choose unity candles that doesn't drip wax or produces smoke. Lesser imperfection of unity candles can make easy clean up and more better to hold. The goal is, unity candle should remain as good as unused after the ceremony, that make a very nice wedding memento.
  2. Look for unity candles that appears very special. A special unity candle doesn't have to be very expensive. What make this candle special is the message that it conveys. Consider decorated unity candles with bible verses or personalized unity candles that can give a significant impressive look during the ceremony.
  3. To customize the unity candle, it can be done hand-made also. Creative way of incorporating different colors is enough to perfectly match this accessory with the wedding theme. Most wax unity candles have shade of white, so to further enhance its appeal, add a pop of color to turn its simple look into pleasant and vibrant appeal. Add extras like tied ribbons with hues that coordinates with the bridal bouquet.
  4. Actually, the unity candle is a set of three candles. So to save money, consider to purchase one set of unity candle rather than buying individually. But for those who want to create their personal layout, buying complementary unity candle separately is not a bad option, where they have the chance to pick their favorite candle holders.
  5. Apart from traditional candle, oil unity candle is best too. This type of candle is made from wick that can float in oil. This candle also come in different variety of oil colors and can be made personalized too.

The Unity Candle Sets

Unity Candle Sets are the perfect way to convey the meaning of your joining. Generally speaking the candles include 2 tapers and one pillar candle. You can also use one larger pillar and two thinner ones. While the candles are most often white or ivory, there can be decorative elements that can be added. You can add touches that reflect the colors of your wedding or your theme

Store your unity candles in a special box. Take them out every year on your anniversary and light them.

Personalize a plain unity candle with your monogram in your wedding colors.

Unity Candle Holders

Tradionally, the unity candles are set on matching wedding candle holders. These holdes complete the look of your set. They can be used later on to hold holiday candles, celebrating anniversaries and other special occassions.

Traditionally unity candles are white, but you could use autumn colors if you have a fall wedding, red for a Christmas wedding and pastel for a spring wedding

Community Unity Candle Ceremony

A variation on the unity candle ceremony would be a community candle ceremony. This is a great idea for a smaller wedding. Each guest is handed a candle or taper as they enter the ceremony. After the bride and groom light their candles they go to the first row and then light the candles of the first guest in the first pew. The guests then lit each others candles till all candles are lit. A musical selection can play while this happens. The bride and groom then lite the unity candle. The candles can then be lit until the couple are pronounced as man and wife. Then everyone makes a wish for the couple and blows out their candles. What a lovely thought !

If your wedding ceremony is outdoors, consider using a hurricane lamp over your candle

The Last Part Of The Unity Ceremeony

As the last part of the ceremony, the bride blows out the grooms candle and he blows ou her taper. This signifies the end of their single lives and the beginning of their married life together

Another way to do this is to allow the two taper candles to continue to burn. By allowing the flame of the two taper candles to remain lit, it represents that the Bride and Groom accept the individuality of each other as a means to fulfilling their commitment to one another.

Unity Candles At Your Reception

Another Alternative

If you have an outdoor wedding or a ceremony that is all ready too long, you may want to consider doing the unity ceremony at your reception.You can have your unity candles and holders set up on the head table as it's centerpiece. Or you could have it set by your wedding cake. As you come into the reception hall, you could light the candles and the main candle as your first act. If you are having real candles on your centerpieces, consider having your servers light them as you light your unity candles.Or you could have a short unity candle ceremony just before your meal is served. It's really up to you.It can be whatever you would like it to be.

Add a sleeve of colorful scrapbook paper around the base of a plain unity candle. Wrap a matching ribbon around the tapers. This will add an elegant touch to your ceremony

How Do You Feel About Unity Candle Ceremonies?

Did you have a unity ceremony at your wedding or are planning one as part of your upcoming ceremony

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Three Wick Unity Candle

In this unity candle option, there is only one candle. The grooms parents light one wick, the brides family lights another wick . The bride and groom light the third wick. This symbolizes the unity of the two families into one. You can use any three wick pillar candle

How Did You Share Your Unity On Your Wedding day?

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