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Wedding Candle Ideas

Updated on February 8, 2018
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Your wedding centerpieces do not have to cost a fortune to reflect your theme and style. Using candles in your centerpieces add a romantic touch to your wedding without breaking your budget. These centerpieces will add an ambiance to your wedding that will have your guests amazed. You can use real wax candles or the current trend is to use candles that have artificial light. These candles are referred to as LED or flameless candles.

Candlelight makes everyone look better. It also adds romance to your reception. It is a touch of elegance that adds to any wedding theme

Always remember to check with your wedding venue about using candles for your reception.

Simple candle with some bling make your wedding have a special glow. Use your imagination and create your own look
Simple candle with some bling make your wedding have a special glow. Use your imagination and create your own look

Pillar Candles

These are probably the most used candle for wedding centerpieces. They will burn for as long as your wedding reception runs. They also come in varying sizes and colors. They stand alone, so you do not need anything extra. Lots of brides like to mix and match different sizes and colors to adapt to their themes.

More Tips For Pillar Candles

1. White is nice, but color will carry out your theme. Never use white candles if using a white tablecloth without a cloth runner

2.Use bowls, cake plates and containers to add height and interest. Follow your theme and colors to achieve a professional look

3. If your venue does not allow candles, consider flameless pillars

4. Use varying heights of candles to create interest

Make a unique statement with candles that give a message
Make a unique statement with candles that give a message

Pillar Candle Ideas

  1. Sit a pillar candle in a container with water in it and float some flowers around it
  2. Sit a candle in a bowl or container. Add round fruit such as lemons and limes or oranges around the candle. Mix in a few silk or real flowers
  3. Create a candlescape. Place pillar candles in plain glass candles holders as high as the candle is. Use the candles the length of your table. Add some very low vased flowers. You could also add a few votive candles to add more charm
  4. The easiest centerpiece ever ! Simply make a long row or circle of flower petals and tuck in pillar candles !

Always check with your venue to find our if they allow candles to be lit. Otherwise substitute flameless candles ]. There are many choices on the market

Real Candles Or Flameless? Which way To Go?

The key to the choice in which type of candles to use has a lot to do with the venue involved and the actual use of the candle. The first thing to check is if the venue allows the use of candles. That would also include any houses of worship as well as reception locations. You don't want to be disappointed the day of your wedding to find out that you can't use an essential part of your wedding décor. Often the venue by it's rules will already make the decision for you. If you have a choice then think about the use of the candle. For example a unity candle outdoors is very difficult on a windy day. But you could do your unity ceremony indoors as part of your wedding theme. Regular candles do give off heat over time, so consider that when thinking about centerpieces with flowers.

Always consider your guests when choosing candles. I love scented candles, but some guests may be sensitive or allergic to some scents, so try to stick with no scent candles

Flameless candles do have one advantage. They never burn out and you can take them home with you once the wedding is done. They are also less messy than regular candles. Some of the LED candles look very natural now-but for a lot of brides, there is nothing more romantic than the glow of a real candle.

Lanterns as center pieces help you theme your wedding
Lanterns as center pieces help you theme your wedding

Always make sure to secure any candles, Especially the type that actually burn to the container or candlestick that they are being displayed in. You can do that by taking a candle and burning a little wax to the bottom of your candle. Set the candle down into the wet wax

What Color Candle To Chose?

A lot of your choices in candles for your wedding has to do with your theme. Traditional white has always been the bridal color, but more and more brides choose to add more color to their day with colored candles coordinated to their theme. Blue is just the right touch for a nautical or beach wedding. Autumn colors add a warm fall touch to the seasonal wedding. Spring makes you think of pastel colors. A patriotic wedding could use red, white and blue candles. Think about your theme and add color to your ceremony and reception.

Using mirrors under your candles add more "glow" and light. Ask your vendor or venue coordinator if they have any in supply. Otherwise you can find them at dollar stores and online

Hurricane Vase Ideas

Add some elegance to your tables with hurricane vases. You can do so much with a single pillar candle and a vase. Place the candle inside and surround it with flower petals or flower heads. It's just that simple. This centerpiece will add an ambiance that will make every wedding very special.

Hurricane Vase Ideas

1. Add small low vases of flowers to compliment your candle centerpiece

2.Use color to make a statement, especially on a white tablecloth

3.Use clear or colored beads on the bottom of the hurricane vase

4. Use small votive candles to play off the larger one

5. Votives around your wedding cake make a truly romantic touch. Make sure that they are far enough away from the cake so not to disturb the icing

Remember to add some water if you are using real flower petals or flower heads

Votive candles scattered around a table setting
Votive candles scattered around a table setting

Votive Candle Ideas For Weddings

Votive candles are so versatile and economical, I can't imagine why any bride would not chose to use them. You can buy votive candle holders just about anywhere. Just remember that they can burn down completely before the end of the reception. The newer flameless ones are very economical and they last forever. You can use them with a votive candle holder at each place setting and the give them to your guests as favors. They are perfect on dessert tables or candy buffets too. Think of placing them in unexpected places as a touch of ambiance

Groups of votives at different heights on a mirror or cake plate make a nice centerpiece. Add some flowers, pine cones, shells fruit-almost anything around them to complete your centerpiece

You can take plain votive candles and decorate them to your hearts content.

  • Wrap your votive in a ribbon of your choice and add a bow
  • Wrap a vellum sleeve around each votive
  • Use washi tape around each votive
  • Wrap the votive in a paper lace doily
  • Suspend them in trees in and around your venue and ceremony areas
  • Find pretty glasses in your local thrift store. Add some ribbon and place votives in them. Create a grouping with three or more different glasses

Votive Candle Trees

Easy to make, these branches could be painted to fit your decor
Easy to make, these branches could be painted to fit your decor

More Than Just Flowers Around Your Candles

When you think of candles, you mainly think of flowers to go around them but there are a lot more to decorate them with your theme. If you are having a beach wedding think of shells of course. If you are having a rustic or winter wedding you might want to think about pine cones. Fall wedding brings colored leaves and acorns to mind. Spring might bring to mind flowering branches. Valentines day brings hearts to thought. Think about something unexpected that will bring a smile to your guests faces.

Candles For Your Wedding

Tapers and votive candles work well together
Tapers and votive candles work well together

Using Tapers For Wedding Centerpieces

Tall tapers are another idea for use in your wedding centerpieces. I suggest that you get the dripless type so you don't create any mess or drips on linens or other surfaces. Tapers are generally used in a line or in groups for effectiveness. They can be used in a circle in different heights as well. They can be used in ceremony sights as well as receptions. They should only be lit just before the start of the ceremony or reception. Always remember to check with the coordinators for the ceremony and reception on the use of candles

Tapers in wine bottles are very pretty. The bottles can be spray painted, You can decoupage them or add lace. Pretty in a line or a group

Use votive candles to make a special statement
Use votive candles to make a special statement

Floating Candle Centerpieces

More Ideas For Uses Of Candles At Weddings

Here are some more ideas for wedding candles in and around your ceremony and reception

  1. Wrap artificial or real ivy around your clear glass candleholders for an extra pop of color
  2. Place artificial flowers, herbs or real dried flowers around a clear candle holder and tie them with twine
  3. Runner or circle of shells with candles on top in glass candle holders

What are your thoughts on wedding candles?

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