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Best Wedding Reception Table Layout Ideas

Updated on April 16, 2014
Wedding Table Layout
Wedding Table Layout

Are you confused about the planning and layout of your wedding reception? It won't be surprising if you are not able to figure out what should be the first thing to consider when choosing you wedding reception decorations. Planning a wedding party can be a very daunting experience, you have to give a lot of attention to every detail of your marriage party so as to make this event the best possible.

An important part of your wedding reception planning is the table layout. If done well it can encourage mingling and conversation amongst guests. If you are someone who is planning a wedding reception than this article will help you understand what type of tables to consider before going to table hire service and how to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable wedding party.

Wedding Tables
Wedding Tables

Wedding Table Layout Plan - Does It Really Matter?

It is very important that you carefully plan your wedding table layout, so that it can be comfortable for your guests to move around and also add that extra 'WOW FACTOR' to your wedding decorations. There are lot of factors that can influence how you efficiently utilize the entire room for your table layout.

Proper table layout depends on the shape and size of your wedding hall. Also you need to consider the number of guests that are going to be present. So depending on the layout of the wedding location the shape and size of the table has to be carefully considered.

Hall Layout

Proper table layout depends on the shape and size of your wedding hall. Also you need to consider the number of guests that are going to be present. So depending on the layout of the wedding location the shape and size of the table has to be carefully considered.

For uneven hall shapes it is better to go for round banquet or square tables and if the hall is narrow and long than rectangular trestle tables will be better suited . Many wedding planners are now using a combination of square and round banquet tables to make the best use of available space and also to establish an interesting new look.

Outdoor Table Layout
Outdoor Table Layout

Timing of Reception

In case you're wedding reception is in daytime than you have to consider the direction of sunlight at various hours of the day and provide good shade over the tables.

If your reception is during nighttime than you need to make sure that adequate light falls on the tables for dining and socializing of guests.

Head Table
Head Table

Head Table

The most important table of the wedding function is the head table and it should be placed such that it is properly visible to all. Very often it is elevated with special lighting and good wedding backdrops to highlight the couple being married and make the focus of the function all about them.

The arrangements of chairs for the head tables should be such that the guests face each other, it is better if you avoid using a round table for this purpose. The center piece of your wedding reception is the wedding cake table and it should be placed at a position visible from all the directions.

Wedding Cake and Band or DJ table

The position of the wedding cake table should be such that there is sufficient place for guests to walk around it safely without damaging the cake and also it should be possible to take pictures of the cake from all sides.

Music is integral part of the wedding function but you must decide if you ar going to have a DJ or a Band. The table you choose should be appropriate for the activity and it should be placed close to the dance floor.

After you have got a good understanding of the wedding hall layout, you will be able to properly plan the seating arrangements of your guests, the right place for the head table, wedding cake table, Band or DJ table and other miscellaneous space.

Once you have the basic table layout for your reception hall you must think about making your guests feel comfortable and enjoy the party. You should plan sufficient room for your guests to move around and mingle, making sure that you do not cram too many guests in one space.

Grouping of Guests

You also have to consider the seating of children. If there are fair few children who are old enough to sit away from their parents than they can be grouped together. A children's trestle table is ideal because they are at a lower height, allowing the children to reach the table much more easily. If they are too young, you must make space to accommodate for them to be seated with their elders.

Remember that the guests who come together as a group should be able to sit together and the table layout should be organized accordingly. For security reasons it is better that you place the gift table away from the entrance of the wedding hall.

It's a good idea to also consider the relationships of the guests to ensure those who will feel comfortable sitting together are grouped accordingly. This will ensure that your guests won't have embarrassing moments. You can also plan the seating arrangement based on age, careers, hobbies, interests and personal relationships.

Wedding Table Decoration

All image in this post Powered by
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When planning your table decorations you must be careful to ensure that they should not interfere with the conversation between your guests. Your table decorations should not be so large that it will occupy most of the table space and your guests are restricted.

If you carefully plan your wedding table layout at the very beginning it will greatly help you and your guests to have a very enjoyable wedding reception.

Well if you are now convinced that it is very important to choose the right tables for your wedding reception and provide a well thought out table layout plan in advance, than obviously you would like to hire tables for your party.

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