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Best Wedding Seating Arrangement Ideas

Updated on February 7, 2018
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Ideas For Wedding Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangemenst for your wedding need not be an ordeal. Remember the idea is to make your guests as comfortable as possible at your reception. While you should do the best you can to accommodate everyone as far as requests are concerned, just do the best you can. So, take a deep breath and let's get started.

Start With The Bridal Table

The first consideration that you as a couple need to make is your bridal table. Traditionally, the bride and groom sit in the place of honor facing the other guests. Most couples have the entire wedding party sit at the head table. You would arrange the bride and groom in the center. The made or matron f honor would sir next to the bride and the best man would sit next to the groom. You then can sit the rest of your party either as couples or girls on one side-gentleman on the other.

If your wedding party is large, you may want to sit them at the tables closest to the bride and groom. You could have the venue place these tables closest to your table. Your best man and maid/matron of honor could sit either with the bride or groom. Or you could sit them with the other members of your bridal party.

Another option that a lot of couples are choosing is the sweetheart table. That is a table for just the bride and groom at the head of the room.

Seating Arrangements-Getting Started

The First Step

The very first thing you will need is a diagram of your wedding reception venue. Try to obtain this from the coordinator of that facility. If it's not available, then draw one yourself or use one the the free seating arrangement programs available. Print several copies because you will umake corrections several times.

The Family Table

sest to the bride and groom are generally for family and closest friends. The immeadiate family tables should include parents, grandparents, and children if you are an older bride. You will want sisters and brothers and their families closest to the couple

Getting It Started - What You Need To Do Your Seating Arrangement

It 's not hard to get your the seating arrangement done. There are just a few things you will need to get it all together

Make sure to check with your wedding reception venue regarding the types of tables and the number of people each table will sit. Some tables will seat 8 people and some will sit 10. No matter what options you have, you will want your guests to be comfortable.

  1. Your Guest List The returns from your wedding invites must be really completed before you tackle arrangements for where everyone will sit
  2. The Floor Plan For Your Wedding ReceptionEither provided by your wedding venue or you draw it. You must know how many tables you will have, how many seats at each table and how they will be laid out.
  3. The Escort or PlacecardsYou can use one for each guest or one per couple
  4. Table Numbers and Holders for themCheck with your caterer or venue coordinator to see if they have them available. If you are into a more finished look for your theme, you can purchase your own

Seating Arrangement Tips

  1. Do assign guests to tables where they know someone, but don't sit guests with only people they know
  2. Don't play matchmaker with your single guests
  3. Consider guests with special mobility issues. Seat them near restrooms and/or near doors
  4. Try not to place elderly guests near music speakers
  5. Avoid sitting people together who have a history of conflict
  6. Sit children near their parents rather than at a separate table
  7. Give your venue a copy of your seating arrangement
  8. Do it in pencil ! You will be making changes

Table Number Markers - Budget Friendly Table Markers

These table markers for your wedding are a must have for every reception. They can easy be personalized with stamps. ribbon and a host of other ideas. Every guest needs to know where to sit and these table markers will do the trick without breaking the wedding budget

Unique Escort Card Holders - Sweet Additions To Your Bridal Décor

If you plan to place escort cards on your tables at specific seats, then these sets are for you. Then will add a lot to your theme and overall décor. They can also double as your wedding favors and are appreciated by your guests

Placecard Holders In Frames - Doubles As Wedding Favors

These elegant little frames to hold your placecards actually double as your wedding favors. They look elegant either on a tray outside of your reception room or at the actual guest seats the choice is yours.


Free Seating Arrangements And Floor Plans - Online Tools To Make Your Seating Arrangements

These are my favoriite online tools to get the task of your seating arrangements completed

© 2014 Linda F Correa

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