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Updated on September 3, 2012

I was called and intrigued

by the color of your skin

the tone of your voice

I had heard but never experienced

what you would be like

It was one a kind

the experience

the time

the conversation i thought was not

supposed to be

the caring

the expressions

the time

the patience

i felt like a queen

in your arms

i was unafraid to be with you

i studied your skin, soft and dense

so dark like the night

bright within its shade it shined

that night like the moon

every inch was covered in a milky

smoothness , a creamy chocalate fantasy

what a beautiful creation

a monotone of blackness

your features

bold, strong,large and loud

screaming of confidence

you satisfied my thirst, my hunger, my emptiness

you made me feel ...

wanted, beautiful, strong, desired

and you empowered my soul

with just one night


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