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Great Books For Christian Singles

Updated on June 10, 2013

You're Not Married Yet?

Single adults are as different as the answers they give when people ask them, "Why aren't you married?" Their answers vary because everyone has unique experiences, challenges, and concerns.

I lived as a single adult for more than two decades, so I am very familiar with that common but awkward question, "You're not married yet?"

"No, not yet" became my standard reply, with emphasis on the word yet.

The truth is, I desired marriage and had no idea why I remained single for so long. As I learned to be content as a single woman (Philippians 4:11), I prayed for a husband and left it with God.

As the years went by, I embraced my singleness and tried to live a purposeful life for Christ. I also read some great books along the way.

My bookshelf contained whatever I could find on the topic of singleness. Books on the subject were rare, so it was thrilling to walk into a bookstore and find a new title on display.

One of my favorite devotional books.
One of my favorite devotional books. | Source
Streams in the Desert for Graduates: 366 Daily Devotional Readings
Streams in the Desert for Graduates: 366 Daily Devotional Readings

Book by Mrs. Charles Cowman / Format: Paperback edition.


A Growing Bookshelf

My growing collection of resources, written by Christian authors from a biblical perspective, encouraged me. They helped me cope with the challenges I faced as a Christian single in a secular world.

Today's market is filled to overflowing with resources for unmarried adults. These books, devotionals, and Bible studies help modern Christians make sense of their singleness and focus on their calling.

Many of them were birthed from personal experience. Not only are they helpful resources, but they are often just plain fun to read.

"Best of" lists are subjective, so your list may look different from mine. But some books for Christian singles stand out from the crowd, and this article highlights four categories. Select a category for the book recommendations.

Answered Prayer

If you are a Christian single, I encourage you to read some of these books. They helped me in my season of singleness, and they can help you grow in your walk with the Lord.

I don't know what your future holds, but God will answer your prayer for a spouse if marriage is in His plans for you. It may take longer than you hope or expect, but God is faithful and full of surprises. I know this from experience.

I became a first-time bride five years ago, at the age of 42. My husband Mitchell has such a heart for the Lord, and a desire to serve Him and others. I was blessed in singleness, and I am blessed in marriage. God is good!

Are You a Purposeful Single?

Purposeful Singleness is a great online resource for Christian singles. I frequently visited the site during my single years, and I highly recommend it to you.

Since 1998, Purposeful Singleness has provided "inspiration, encouragement, and support for Christian singles who may or may not be called to singleness, but who desire to live purposeful lives for Jesus Christ." The site remains true to its mission.

Special features include thought-provoking articles, a chronological Bible reading schedule, and a weekly devotional. An active discussion board features lively conversations, and it's a great place to make new friends. A bookstore showcases some of the titles mentioned in this series, plus a whole lot more.

Book for Christian Singles

9 Books That Celebrate the Rich Single Life. Acknowledging the many challenges that Christian singles face, these books embrace singleness as a gift and celebrate the advantages of the single life.

6 Insightful Books for Christian Singles and Single Adult Ministries. This category addresses the common misunderstandings between singles and couples in the church. It includes recommended resources for single adult ministries.

10 Dating and Relationship Books for Christian Singles. These books are for Christian singles who are seeking biblical wisdom on dating, relationships, and marriage. They encourage discernment and prayer in dating relationships and mate selection.

5 Inspiring Devotional Books for Christian Singles. These Bible study resources offer inspiration and encouragement for Christian singles in all walks of life.

Copyright © 2011. Annette R. Smith. All rights reserved.

Published: September 25, 2011 / Modified: June 10, 2013.

Embrace your singleness and live a purposeful life for Christ.
Embrace your singleness and live a purposeful life for Christ. | Source

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