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Role of the Father of the Bride in His Daughter’s Wedding

Updated on January 2, 2016
Roll of the father during his daughter's marriage.
Roll of the father during his daughter's marriage.

The marriage of a daughter is one of the most important events in a man’s life. The father and daughter have a special bond of love which makes this event more important. Somebody is taking the roll of being the most important male in your daughter’s life and you should appreciate it. I know it might not sound too pleasurable to a loving daddy but it is the rule of the nature. Father of the bride is the most important person of the bridal party who should arrange and control everything. The father should make the wedding planning, arrange everything before, after and during the ceremony, give a good speech, and also finance the wedding ceremony and the party.

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Duty of the Father: Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning has been done by all the parties concerned, both the bride and the groom, and both set of parents. However, the most important person for pre-wedding planning should be the bride’s father. So, if you are the father, you need to take the leading role and make a foolproof plan for the whole event. Don’t forget to make a detailed budget; otherwise you might be burned later. You should also need to gather and allocate funds for the whole event.

During the Wedding Ceremony

Traditionally, the father gives away his daughter to a young man and his family by the way of marriage. Though, such medial concept is irrelevant in modern world, the ritual has been done by the bride’s fathers.

The father will take the bride to the church. He will walk her down the aisle. There he will give her hand in the hand of the groom. He may exchange some words with his daughter and with his would be son-in-law. The father should not become much emotional during this moment, although, it is too difficult to control the feelings at that moment.


Father of the Bride’s Wedding Speech

As the main orchestrator of the ceremony, the bride’s dad should give a speech to his guests. It need not be much long or full of wisdom. Speak in simple words to thank all the guests for coming, give them some introduction of the bride and the groom and wish them happy married life. Is it seems too difficult for you? OK, you may look at these sample speeches:

“I was waiting for this special day for years. Though my daughter is still the little girl to me who used to walk with me by catching my fingers, she has grown up to a beautiful woman, worthy of everyone’s praise and my joy. I am very much confident about her ability to lead a happy and prosperous life on his new family with her husband.

I am very much honored and truly blessed for getting you all with me in this joyful moment of my daughter’s wedding. I feel the flow of your well wishes which will do well to my daughter’s future life.

So today, my daughter and her husband, you are going to launch a new family. It is a new beginning. Try to keep the promises which you made today. Be open -minded and become each other’s good friend in life. May God bless you both forever and give you all the happiness and joy you deserve.”

A father of the bride is giving a speech
A father of the bride is giving a speech | Source

The Father Daughter Dance

The father daughter dance is one of the most touching moment of a wedding ceremony. If you are a good dancer then it would be no problem for you. But, if you are a poor performer on the dancing floor, you better need to be prepared. I hope that you do not want to look like a fool and be a laughingstock. To avoid such embarrassments, you need to practice some basic steps before. The help from a professional dance master it would be quiet great. you can practice some basic fox trots for the event.

You may select from some of the best song suitable for the moment to dance. One such song is Natalie Grant’s “Always be Your Baby” which is very emotional and heart touching. “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra or “My Father’s Eyes” by Eric Clapton are also very good.

Video: Always be Your Baby

Finance and Management

In your daughter’s wedding you should take the roll of the manager. It is your duty to control everyone and manage everything to make the event a grand success. You should receive all the guests, check that everything is in order and there is not anything missing.

According to the tradition, the father of the bride should bear the burden of financing the wedding. But, nowadays the cost has been shared by the bride herself, the groom and his family. But still, it is expected that your share would be the lion’s share. So, you should ensure to keep a fund ready before hand otherwise, you may find yourself drowned to the nose in debt.

Share your thoughts and suggestions regarding the matter. If you have arranged your daughter's marriage then feel free to share our experience below with us. It would be helpful to everybody if they get the chance of learning from your experience.


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