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Bring Sparkle Back into Relationship

Updated on March 18, 2016

The beginning of every relationship is perfect. He says, he loves you every day, he brings you flowers and so on. He gives you butterflies in your stomach. By the time love may fade away and you have to face a cold hard truth. Love is not a romance, as you can see it in movies. Love is like a war and you have to fight, if you want to survive, if you want your relationship to survive. Some couples don't experience any troubles and everything seems to go smoothly.

The darkest place is under the candlestick.

Sometimes it´s not lack of love that is the main issue but lack of interest in your loved one. The basic foundation of every relationship is a good communication. If you already have a problem with it, then this is the lost battle. Without it you're on a bumpy road full of unexpected situations. Harder you work, the better results you can achieve. So, what should you do to make it alive again?

  1. Remind him of the first time you have realized you are in love with him.

  2. Hug him more.

  3. Talk more openly about your feelings.

  4. Play games together

  5. Took him by surprise and do something unusual

  6. Consider if he´s worth it. The man who ignores you..never initiate things.

  7. Make him jealous. This will remind him how much he adores you.

  8. Buy a new lingerie

  9. Tell him “Today, i forgot my panties, wanna check?”

  10. While you're home with him, don't put on your bra.

  11. Don't show him your naked body that often. Less he sees it, the more he will beg for it.

  12. Stop talking to him every single day. If you ignore him for a one day, he can make it without you. This can be hard task to do. Many missed calls or messages on his phone can be quite annoying. Sometimes the pause can make a change because he will long for your presence.

  13. Spend more time with your friends.


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