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Updated on January 2, 2012

What is your definition of friendship? Friendship is a state of being friends. Friendship is a strong liking and trust between two or more persons. There are many types of friendships that exist in the world today. Friendships exist between fathers and mothers as well as boyfriends and girlfriends. The friendship experienced between fathers and mothers is a committed bond which is based on religious and spiritual bonds. Boyfriends and girlfriends friendship most of the time is continued from adolescent and is sometimes based on physical and emotional attraction.

Friendships can be monogamous. These types of bond can be developed in school, church and the working area. Students and teachers share a common bond in learning different or favorite subjects. The clergymen and his parishioners bond through learning about religion. A professional bond develops between each worker or a worker and his supervisor while working on a job. Businesses develop a bond through bartering, promoting a certain professional trust between one another.

Throughout our history, sports is another form of bond which develop friendships among all genders and nationalities. For example, the professional soccer team played a part in bringing the people of South Africa together as a nation.

The most friendships are based on positive instead of negative situation. But there have been some friendships that develop from negative situation. You have heard of the saying "honor among thieves". Thieves have a bond of not telling on each other, even if they are caught. Their bond is based on not being labeled as a rat or informer.

Friendships that exist among relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents are the type of bonds, I cherish the most. This type of friendship can be developed through a new addition to the family. My personal favorite is those friendships that come from one's family reunion. You can always count on meeting someone that is similar to you in looks or personalities.

Everyone in the world involved in some type of friendship, even those who consider themselves to be loners.



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    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 6 years ago

      Friends are so important to our well-being! I truly believe in the old phrase - Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.

    • profile image

      lulucuzin 6 years ago

      ok muy friends are awesome but2timin sometime so ahhhhhhhh........... gona say ima find new freinds then if thats how it is