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Calla Lily Weddings

Updated on October 23, 2014
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Calla Lilly Wedding Ideas and Tips

The Graceful Calla Lilly has endeared brides for ages. This graceful flower lends itself as a theme to both traditional and contemporary themes.These delightful flowers not only come in bridal white, but several shades of pastels and tones.Create an elegant wedding theme by using the calla lilies in as many aspects of your wedding as possible

Calla Lilies have thick long stems that are three feet long, They are green and smooth. Mini Callas are half that size. The leaves are wide and long.they usually measure 1 to 1 1/2 feet long, and are blotchy green.

Calla lilies sigfnify purity and rebirthThe calla lily was the flower that early Romans used to signify the passing of the winter solstice

The calla lily is associated with rebirth because it can survive up to 10 days as a cut flower

Since the 1800's, the calla lily has symbolized femininity, modesty, and magnificent beauty. The open lipped, cone shaped flowers, with heart-shaped leaves on long 20 to 36 inch stems are a classic, sophisticated wedding flower for bridal bouquets

Calla Lilies are a perennial favorite of spring and summer weddings, but they are also popular with winter brides. They work in complete harmony with winter snow, ice and crystals.

Designing Your Calla Lilly Wedding

Options and Considerations

Congratulations on choosing this classic theme for your wedding. Your good taste will be reflected throughout your ceremony and reception with this classic flower theme. How you use it and what elements to chose is up to you. We have chosen several ideas to help you create a theme that will delight you and your guests.

If you are using classic white lilies, then we suggest that you add another pastel color or lighter tone to compliment your choice. On the opposite side, if you chose one of the colored calla lilies, then you may decide on white as your base color for your linens. You can add as many elements of your theme to your wedding. WE have gathered a collection that will help you put together your theme.

Calla Lilly Wedding Theme Planning Tips

Here are some tips and ideas for your call lily wedding planning.

  • Find a venue with calla lilly gardens This is the ultimate statement of your theme
  • If you are having a garden wedding, plant calla lilies ahead of your datePlanning your wedding garden makes perfect sense
  • Buy or grow potted calla lilies These can be used for a variety of decorations both at your ceremony and reception
  • Give calla lilly bulbs as your favor Your guests will remember you every time they see the flower
  • Place miniature calla lilies in your bridesmaid's hair
  • Light a calla lily shaped unity candle during your wedding ceremony.
  • If you are having a formal dinner at your reception, place a single, long-stemmed calla lily on each person's plate.
  • Calla Lilies are more reasonably priced during the summer months, so plan accordingly.

Grow Your Own Calla Lilies - Natural Wedding Décor Idea

Why not think about growing your own calla lilies for your wedding? Consider purchasing bulbs and growing them in pots. They can be used as center pieces, They can also be used in entryways, on gift tables, on escort card tables or anywhere you need a touch of elegance. later, you can plant them in the garden of your new home. You will have a living remembrance of your wedding forever.

Calla Lilly Accessory Set

Buying a complete set of accessories always saves you money. It is a beautiful selection of accessories that will add to your d├ęcor. You will enjoy these pieces for years to come !

Calla Lilly Wedding Accessory Set (Guestbook, Champagne Flutes & More), 1
Calla Lilly Wedding Accessory Set (Guestbook, Champagne Flutes & More), 1

This calla lilly wedding set is an exceptional bargin


Add Color To Your Calla Lilly Theme

Why not use white for the bride and a second color for your theme. You can use the second color for bridemaids bouquets,table linens, favors and more. Don't just limit yourself to stark white.

Calla Lilly Wedding Invitations - Your Theme Starts here

The first place to start with your calla lilly wedding theme is to chose your invitations. Your invitations make a statement about your theme and sets the tone for your event. Adding special touches on your invites like a personal monogram and return addresses with calla lilies on them also make an elegant statement

Calla Lilly Wedding Programs

Continue your theme with these delightful calla lilly wedding programs. These are easy to print on your home computer, or you can take them to your local printer and get them printed up. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfullness. Your programs should include information about your ceremony, your bridal party and other information that you may want to include.

Calla Lilly Wedding Cake

Calla Lilly Wedding Cake
Calla Lilly Wedding Cake

Calla Lilly Wedding Favors

We have chosen several calla lilly wedding favors for your consideration. These favors will briong elegance to your wedding without overpowering your event. If you chose not to place them at place settings, they could be placed on a silver tray with escort cards attached.

Calla Lilly Votive Candles - Perfect Theme wedding Decor

Scented Frosted Glass Votive- Calla Lily - Baby Shower Gifts & Wedding Favors
Scented Frosted Glass Votive- Calla Lily - Baby Shower Gifts & Wedding Favors

Every Wedding needs a little canndleight. While these votives would be terrific as wedding favors, why not use them in your themed wedding decor?


Types Of Flowers That Go With Calla Lilies - Tips For Your Wedding Bouquets, Arrangements and Décor

Calla Liilies are enhanced by other flowers. Knowing what to mix with them is very important so that you don't wind up with a confusing mess. Here are some suggestions. You can opt for the colored calla lilies rather than the white. Use silk or livr thr choice is yours

  • Roses make a beautiful accompaniment to the gracious calla lilly.Mixing colorful roses with white calla lilies is a good way to add impact to bridal bouquets and other arrangements
  • Orchids with calla lilies add a richness and style that makes perfect sense.Orchids can be tied along calla lilies long stems at various points for a spectacular effect.Orchids possess a delicacy that enhances the soft solidity of calla lily bouquets
  • Lilacs combined with calla lilies can make a wonderful theme for a spring wedding The tiny flower clusters on lilacs soften the sleek lines of calla lilies

Calla Lilly Placecards

Your placecards or escort cards are an important part of your wedding. They direct your guests to their seats or tables. These theme cards are the perfect addition to your reception

Calla Lilly Bridal Bouquets

To make a simple Calla Lilly Bridal Bouquet fill the stem with tepid water, then plug the bottom of the stem with a cotton ball" to make the bouquet last. Lay decorative grass or greens on a flat surface. Place the first lily on top of the pile with the flower peeking above the grass. Arrange two to five additional lilies around the first with flower tips slightly lower than the first. Gather the assortment in your hands and wrap a rubber band or florist wire to fasten them. Hide the bands with a ribbon. After walking back up the aisle, place the posies in a bowl of water to prevent premature wilting. Display it near the guest book.

The second alternative is to use silk flowers. This option takes away the chance of wilting flowers and gives the option of being able to carry it longer or display it on your heaad table

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      antoniow 5 years ago

      I enjoy reading your lens, nicely done! Squidlike

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      Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

      The Calla Lily is beautiful. It makes a perfect wedding theme! Thanks for sharing your flower tips.