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Updated on June 12, 2010


Well folks, according to scripture in the Gen 2:24 the institution called marriage is ordained by God Almighty Himself. If that is the case, the question is, can this institution now work without the originator in the picture? Dear hubbers I know a lot people will say but I have seen people who are not religious but their marriage is working. But I must tell you those people whom you think they are enjoying a blissful marriage without God deep inside of them they know, they are not actually fulfilling what God wants marriage to be. Hey friends there is one thing that I have come to realized in the little time I have spent on this earth, “there is no single human on this earth that do not believe deep inside of him or her that there is no God (or at least a supernatural being that control the affairs of human beings on this universe, you can call Him any name you believed or know). Having said that, let’s come to the issue on ground, in the first place, what is marriage and why must God be involve in it?

Marriage according to the scripture, is the coming together of a man and a woman to form one body called family for the purpose of fulfilling the injunction of  GOD ALMIGHTY, i.e. to be blessed and be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and most importantly to have dominion over the whole earth, that is over the beast that move on the earth, fish in the sea, fowl in the air and over every situation in life through the power of God the creator of this institution called marriage (Gen.1:28)”. Well from the definition and purpose of God for marriage I don’t see where the marriage of gay and other kind of pervasiveness have a stand, well let’s leave that for another article.

Bearing in mind what we have discussed so far, we can understand what has become of marriages these days. It is a complete reversal of the whole purpose of God for marriage. For those of us who are in the ministry and working in this area of the ministry, we hear all sort of things going on in this pure and honorable institution called marriage ordained by God for His purpose. The devil has bastardised the whole idea and now what do we see there, selfishness, greediness, hatred at its highest level, violence etc. and today we are seeing the direct result of what is happening at the home front replicating in the society. And everybody is shouting and pushing blame on the leaders here and there but the truth of the matter is that we have to tell ourselves the truth, where is the love, the integrity, justice, tolerance, patience, the understanding, the long-suffering that use to be the hallmark of marriage in those days? They have all gone down the drain of time.

I once read in an article where a man was heading to an appointment and his car develop fault. He try in vain to put it in order, then a man show up and called on him, hey jack what is wrong with your car? He said, I don’t know what is going on. So the other man came and touches one or two things in the car and the car jacked back to live to the amazement of the owner. And he wanted to know the other man’s identity, so he asked, sir may I know you ?  I mean having your business card and to his amazement again the man said, I am the manufacturer of the car. You see hubbers, that is exactly what man is doing, struggling believing that he can do it all alone. We were all taught in school that one plus one is equal to two (1+1=2) but in God’s own calculation in the area of marriage, one plus one is equal to one (1+1=1), is that not a misery why not allow or follow the instructions of Him that say one plus one is equal to one and record success in your relationship.

So folks think about this and God bless.



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    • karobi profile image

      karobi 8 years ago

      Thank Faybe Bay for your lovely comment.

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 8 years ago from Florida

      Karobi, this is so sweet. I love the analogy of the manufacturer fixing the car. That is so true. you have an e-mail coming your way, from me.