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Baby Steps

Updated on July 22, 2016

In one course of a lifetime, there had to be a great stumble on a perfectly unwinding road we would like to take on for an adventure. We can not fast forward to the destination because that is not how life is.

Life is all about taking one step at a time, as the song by Jordin Sparks tells us. It tells us that the way life should be lived is through experiencing every fall, every trial, every misery, and not just jump from one trophy over another.

We all know by now, through current events, that Michelle Obama has told us in her keynote address during the 2008 DNC that the other limitation between us and our goals is our willingness to attain the latter. In other words, as long as you are not stepping on anyone, keep on fighting for what you want in life. Be courageous, be strong; because no matter how rugged and craggy your shoes are, only you are sturdy enough to survive the bumpiest paths in those shoes. You have had them since day 1 and you have survived -- be proud of them.

© 2016 Ma Clara Ibarra


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