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Need To Catch A Cheater? Set Traps!

Updated on August 2, 2015

Catch A Cheater To Get The Proof You Need

While infidelity is a widespread problem amongst many married pairs today, the reaction of betrayed spouses may differ. From problem avoidance to uphold harmony in the family to being proactive in stopping a cheater, hurt partners have a choice of options to handle with the issue.

However, from a practical point of view, to catch a cheating spouse in the act will cough up proof of the on-going affair. This is valuable because that evidence can turn out to be in court proceedings if you resolve to break up. Furthermore, when you confront your spouse about his cheating ways, you will be able to know if he persists to deny his affair with the confirmation you have obtained.

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Check Out Your Partner

If you suspect your partner may be up to some hanky-panky and you want to know if he has been unfaithful, this is one way to find out - by using an infidelity test kit which detects the presence of semen on clothes.

An Easy Trap To Catch A Cheater

Therefore, if you require proof of the cheating, you try to catch him in the act. To succeed in doing so, you will need to entrap your spouse with a plot that is well-thought out in advance. As an example, if you realize that your spouse is bringing his lover home when you have gone out, prepare a trap by announcing you will be arriving home much later than usual for the day. Then, once the trap is laid, come home ahead of time instead. To make sure your spouse is not wary of your intent, prepare a tale of the reason why there is an abrupt change in your schedule. This may perhaps be vital if your spouse turns out to be home alone when you arrive.

You can also carry out a similar test by popping in your spouse's work place without calling ahead when he has stated that he is required to do overtime. Once more, remember to come up with an excuse as to the reason why you are paying a visit unannounced. If you cannot locate your spouse at his desk when he has claimed to be working, phone him and inquire where he is. This is one way you can catch your spouse lying to you and expose his deception.

Spying Gadgets To Catch A Cheater

Nowadays, there are many affordable spy gadgets around to help you out in catching a cheater. You can install a discrete web cam at home if you suspect your partner is bringing his lover home when you are not around, you can put in a GPS locator in his vehicle to track his whereabouts or monitor his computer usage with a keylogger. However, use these gadgets with care as you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of the law.

To Catch A Cheater May Require Detailed Planning

Besides the above, you can also prepare a more elaborate trap by feigning to go on a short trip. Make it realistic by packing for your trip and even booking a ticket, if it is necessary. The pretext for your trip can be work or request a close friend to play along to assure your spouse that you need to go to the place mentioned. After you have left home to go on your trip, simply get into a rental car, go back to your place and observe it from a safe distance.

This can be risky as you can be spotted by your spouse while performing your observation on top of the set up needing more intricate planning. However, if your spouse is really having an affair, your trip will be the time that your spouse will drop his guard and be much braver in his actions. You will also be able to see the time your spouse leaves and comes back home as well as who he brings back for a visit. Calling your spouse on his cell phone and inquiring whether he is out when you know he is not home will also present a different opportunity to discover if he will be untruthful.

Don't Be A Fool - Spot The Lies

If you want to know if your partner is indeed cheating, perhaps the easiest way is to find out if he is lying to you is through words and body language. Equip yourself with the knowledge on how to spot deception so you won't be taken for a ride.

Another Trap For You To Catch A Cheater

The other trick you can attempt is to notify your spouse to eat out on his own in the evening. Inform him that you have to change plans for the evening when he assumes he is expected home for dinner. This provides him the rare chance to get together with the person he is having an affair with because he would be expected to explain his whereabouts after his day at the office. The next step would be to rent a car and outside his work place. If your spouse is disloyal, this trap can easily let you have the evidence you want on that evening itself. You will just need to be careful when tailing your spouse in your car and avoid taking too much risk by pursuing too closely behind.

If you do notice signs of cheating and like to lay a trap to catch your two-timing spouse, just be certain that you will be very careful and have a backup story as part and parcel of the plan. This is because you will be required to clarify what you are doing and why should you get discovered doing the catching. After all, any trap you set, there is always a risk of being caught when you attempt to nab a cheating spouse in the act.

Cope You Must!

Lastly, deception and betrayal by someone you love and trust is a very bitter pill to swallow. It hurts and but you need to stay strong and learn to cope. Manage the infidelity and betrayal with your head held high.

Should You Forgive A Cheater?

Many people have divorced because of infidelity. But many have also patched up their relationship and moved on after the cheating. So, the question to ask is:

Should you forgive a cheating spouse or partner?

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